foto (3)Soon you have to go to the polls, soon you have to choose between two candidates: one of the two will lead your country for at least four years. Which, then, which of them will you choose? I have some ideas about your choice. But I tell you only this:

If you choose Hillary Clinton, know that the rich will become richer and the poor get poorer. Nothing of the horror world in which we live will change: Mrs Clinton belongs to the imperialist, capitalist and discriminatory world of which she is a faithful servant.

If instead you choose Donald Trump, you know, you can be sure about it, that something, in the well established mafiosi States of the world, something, for good or for evil, will happen: the superficial and clumsy Trump, could easily make mistakes, create disasters.

Is there a reason for this choice? Yes, there is. In a nut shell, Trump, like Berlusconi, is a superficial and a buffoon of politics. In reality, Trump the clown, isn’t the real problem of the monstrous world in which we live. The real destroyers and killers on the planet Earth, are others.

Ours is a world built piece by piece, not with love, not with humanity, not with democracy, not with good intentions, but with greed, with brutality, with the blood of the innocents, with legalized injustice. In short, a world constructed by rapacious men, men who have nothing else in their minds except power and money. This is our history of all times. The mafia, the wars, the institutionalized injustice, all this and much more would never exist if we lived in a truly democratic society, in a truly just and human world.

Leibniz used to say that our world is “the best of all possible worlds”, God’s work according to the german philosopher, but the reality is another, the reality is that our world is the worst of all possible worlds, and this has nothing to do with God, but with men. If you don’t believe that our world is the worst of all possible worlds, ask then to a starving child, there are millions of them over the earth, and you’ll have the answer.

What else can I say? Only this: if Trump will win the elections, he could be the detonator of rebellions, of civil wars and revolutions (if our horror world is going to change at all, this will happen first through a bloodshed, and only then, perhaps, we will see the sun shining) which today, more than ever in the past, are the orgasm and the redemption of the people, of that people who is most exploited, enslaved and humiliated, not only in America, but everywhere around the world.

To you, therefore, to you decide the fate of mankind for the next 4/8 years. Good luck, then, good luck to you, my dear American brothers, and may good common sense guide wisely your choice.

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