Benedict XVI debuts on Twitter


Pope Ratzigner on Internet!

A day to remember!

In short, this event is another insult, first to Italy, then to Europe and then to the whole world, and this regardless of the fact that everybody has the right to freedom of speech, and the pope too, of course.

It’s unbelievable that today, today in the 2012, such a catastrophic human wreck, who represents, symbolically speaking and according to Friedrich  Nietzsche, the death of God; and not only, he represents also, as a consequence, the death of Christ, of the Virgin, of the religious superstition, the death of all saints and the Church itself;

still today, therefore, this man, who is responsible for having sent to death billions of believers with the illusion of finding, there in the mud and slime, heaven and another life, an everlasting life;

this human being, a mere container of delusions and lies, himself ideologically dead and buried, with his false power, his false belief and with the money robbed to the herd, still manages to stir up so much fuss and clamour!?

The question is, when we speak of humanity, are we speaking of a mass of sheep and impostors or we are speaking about rational and intelligent human beings?

Nothing, une foi de plus, so much ado about nothing.

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