God is dead

Is that what Nietzsche says?

Yes, that’s what Nietzsche , the German philosopher, says.

In his opinion God is dead, and in your opinion?

I see it differently.

In what way?

To begin with, in order to die you have to be born first, and this functions for God, man and any other species, plant, rock, planet, star or whatever. So if that’s how things stand, when Nietzsche says God is dead, he’s wrong.

Can you explain?

In order for God to be dead, as I have just said, he  should have first existed. Now God has never existed and if he has never existed then how could he have died? Perhaps what Nietzsche meant  by his proposition “ God is dead” is that God is dead in people’s  spirit, soul, mind, brain, reason and, if he meant this, that God is dead  in the soul and reason of the  people, then he was right: God is dead and finished in the soul and reason of people and also in the soul and spirit of the pope and the priests.

You’re exaggerating!


You just said that you see it differently from the way Nietzsche sees it, how do you mean?

God doesn’t exist because he has never existed, so he can’t die. You only die if first you have been born.

How can you say that?

My friend, this is now a well-established fact, everybody knows only too well that God doesn’t exist. Except, of course, for rogues and anyone else with a vested interest. Everybody, in fact, knows that God is exploitation, God is war, God is greed, God is poverty; everybody knows that God helps the rich to get richer and richer and the poor believing simpletons to get poorer and poorer, more wretched, more boorish, more null.

And Christ? What is Christ for you?

Well, if God, who has never existed, if God is dead, Christ who is his son is as dead as a dodo. But to answer your question. Well, in my opinion, Christ is only a story, a story that stinks of  tears, weeping, blood, crucifixion, torture, bestiality, death.

And the Madonna?

A complete lie, a mental insult to all those whose eyes have been opened and who can see and understand the whole farce and deception that lies behind this wax puppet.

And the Church?

A cultural monument that has been built and rebuilt  over  centuries  of bloody, deadly history in honour of hot air, in honour of the grotesque, in honour of the biggest deception in the world.

And how would you describe Christian culture?

It is basically a culture of death. The believer is dead both inside and outside, both internally and externally. Internally  because he denies his nature by repressing  his feelings, emotions, instincts, impulses, desires; externally because all his cultural horizons are false, unreal, non-existent.

Going back to God, have you another way of illustrating his  non-existence?

Not one way but a thousand and one, but just this one is enough.

You see, in order to sell an object you must be in possession of this object. You can’t sell a mobile phone if you haven’t got one. Realistically speaking, and nowhere on the planet, can you sell a chicken, a car, or a cabbage if you haven’t got one. Nobody, unless he is an imbecile, nobody in the world would buy your mobile if you told him it was in heaven. So why would you buy God?

Go on.

Let all those who maintain that God exists prove it, show him  to us, let us touch him, let them demonstrate by means of his miracles that he exists, that’s all I’m saying. But if they don’t let us see him and touch him, make him visible to us, not to mention showing us his miracles ( and I mean real miracles and not those San Gennaro ones, those tricks conjured up by prelates, doctors, and scientists all sold into the power of the Church ), then it is obvious, quite obvious that God is a bluff, a swindle, a mega-lie. In short: he doesn’t exist.

And so?

In my opinion, anyone who sells this non-existent product, God etc., should be arrested and imprisoned as a swindler, a blackmailer and a polluter of human brains.



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