If these are human beings

Anyone -black, white, yellow, creole- who believes he is a human being has a duty to denounce injustices, abuses, fraud; to denounce tyrants and especially those who purport to act in the interests of the people but in actual fact exploit the people.

You have to fight for your rights with drawn swords, fight for your dignity, humanity, liberty. Fight against all those who are greedy for riches and power; it is a question of life or death, being or not being.

Exploitation must be wiped off the face of the planet because anyone who exploits a human being is not a human being but an enemy of human beings. We are not born human, we become human. The exploiter, the parasite, the person who always wants more, has nothing of the human about him.

You have to get your hands dirty. There is no other way. In a world of crimes and institutionalized violence like ours there is no choice. There never has been. Dirtying your hands means cleaning them in the blood of the wicked.

The social contract, the one people experience on a daily basis in their own lives, has fallen to pieces, disintegrated, disappeared; it no longer exists. It is unworthy of civilized, reasoning people because it is not a contract for beings of the same species but is an irrational, feral contract, worse than jungle law.

It has taken a long time but the people have finally understood that those in power are no better than legalized thieves, legalized criminals, James Bonds with a licence to kill, to humiliate. They are the epitome of evil and it is their egoism which has created this false, wicked world. These constitutionalized gangsters and anti-humans would have us believe that we live in a democracy when in reality we live in a Machiavellian, monstrous society.

Monster and monstrous is anyone who deceives and exploits his fellow humans. In Italy, just to give an example, there are men who earn more in one year than three million workers do. Well, if these are human beings who then are the animals?

Our language, our meanings, our values, our social rules from first to last all need to be rethought, rewritten because they have always been formulated by the despots in power, by those who have filled the planet with cruelty and injustice, lust and greed, vices and atrocities. If these greedy, violent, destructive individuals continue to govern the world, then we can already decree the end of the world.

Cleaning Planet Earth of the dirt that these bloodthirsty parasites have created throughout history is an urgent job and, since it is a job that must be done, we should get on with it as soon as possible! So, if rewriting a new social contract requires sacrifice, loss, violence, blood, then let there be sacrifice, loss, violence and blood!

In order to understand politics, to understand its history, the soul and spirit of it, in order to be wise and well-informed citizens, read and reread Lo  Stato predatore

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