If this is a man, then I eliminate him


If the so-called “human being”, when we go to the heart of the matter, cannot do anything else, but only fill his stomach and kill his fellow men, I of this “human being” don’t know what to do except to eliminate him.


I put him in a cannon and then pull the trigger.



Is there a reason for your action?

I just said it. In anycase there’s one, yes, and it is a strong one.

For example?

Save the planet Earth and everything that lives and grows in it.

I don’t understand.

If you allow to live the most ruthless killer of all the killers in the solar system, sooner or later he will destroy the whole earth and everything that lives and grows in it, and in the end he will destroy also himelf. Eliminating this monstrous killer on time, before he could destroys the whole earth, we’ll save the planet and everything that lives and grows in it. Do you understand now?

Yes, but I don’t express myself.

You ought to, idiot!


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