If this is a people

More concretely, when a country has:

1            the most unable and disastrous politicians in the world

2            the most false and cheat religion in the world

3            the most tough and ferocious mafia in the world

4            the most rooted and fierce fascism in the world

5            the most retrograde and robbers industrial in the world

6            the most indebted and boorish country in the world

7            the most harmful and limited culture in the world

8            the most confused and ignorant soul in the world;


9            when a people does not enjoy the freedom of speech

10            when a people has no will, no ambition, no dignity

11            when a people rises to the stars his exploiters

12            when a people gives the highest pay to those who ruin him

13            when a people is wallowing in an eternal chaos

14            when a people has no backbone, honour, glory

15            when a people lives only to eat and to shit like beasts;


16            when a people is most beat people in the world

17            when a people is the unhappiest people in the world and doesn’t know to be so

18            when a people exists only to slog and masturbate

19            when a people is the most disgraced locally and globally

20            when a people has no other hobby except football and TV

21            when a people is criticized and mocked in every place of the milky way

22            when a people is ready to die for such values

23            so, if this is a people, the people, the real people, what kind of people would it be?


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