I’m hungry

I’m hungry, hungry to grow, but they don’t let me grow.

I’m hungry, hungry to learn, hungry for knowledge, for science, for wisdom, but they instead fill my head at school and anywhere else with bla bla and other mental vulgarities.

I’m hungry, hungry for Justice, for real democracy, for reghteousness, for honesty, but in the world I live justice, real democracy, reghteousness, honesty, are the dream of idealists like me.

I’m hungry, hungry to live, hungry for peace, hungry of all that is good and positive, but all this and much more is denied to me with any kind of violence and deception.

I’m hungry, hungry for freedom, but the unbearable weight of chains that I breathe in the air crushes my bones and shreds my mind and brain.

I’m hungry, hungry for food, food that nourishes, food that is not polluted, healthy food, but they are obliging me to eat contaminated and poisonous food.

I’m hungry, hungry to travel, to do, to explore the most remote corners of the Earth, but I cannot, because the world is full of frontiers and bans. That’s how the little men reduced it.

I’m hungry, hungry of altruism, generosity, beauty, art, hungry for the sublime, for human inner wealth, the wealth which is found freely and in abundance in all of us and, instead, I am obliged to feed myself of slop given by the evil, a slop from a dirty business market.

I’m hungry, hungry for spirituality, but what surrounds me is everything except that spirituality.

I’m hungry, hungry for life, but they feed me with carrion death and other pestiferous fuel.

I’m hungry, hungry for a better world, a world that is more human, more ethically, morally clean, politically and historically correct, but the one in which I’m immersed is full of abuse and of criminals.

I’m hungry, but nobody knows how to satisfy my hunger, real healthy hunger, the hunger of being hungry.

I’m hungry, hungry for everything, and even if I live in a world that is stuffed of every goodies and human potentials, I am actually starving!

I’m hungry, I’m so hungry for love, I desire so much to love and to be loved, but how can I love in a world so seedy and infamous? A world where the innocent is outraged and his hangman honored? A world where the discrimination prevails and the good gesture that comes from above, only serves as a mirror for larks?

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