I invited to the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD ?


Mr. Priestly Williams writes on Facebook after reading my “The cosmic foundations and the discovery that God is = to Nothingness of Nothingness” and some other titles of my books that I have published:“The Trilogy”, namely “Flash about man and the universe”, “From nothingness of nothingness to virtual immortality”, and “Son of the elements and the big bang, the cosmic autobiography of a human being”, plus “The 4 pillars that support the universe and the before and the afterlife of the Big Bang”, published by Contro Corrente (Print MnM Edizions), plus the article I published on my blog: “Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of papier mache or my Singapore speech”.

Here are his words:

“Are you over burdened by assignments? We can help you out. We have highly qualified and experienced expert in each field. Our fee is pocket friendly. We offer discounts to our clients with many orders. Kindly message us in case you need help. Thank you.

My reply:

Thank you so much Sir. I am very pleased and honored by your invitation to talk about my work in the prestigious University of Oxford. No Italian university has ever invited me or just considered my work. *

Still many thanks and greetings.


Francis Sgambelluri



*   P. S.    I don’t exclude the fact that to present my work, the University of Oxford would ask me for a fee. Anyhow, I’m sure that Mr. Priestly Williams will give me more details about it.

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