Justice or/and bunga bunga?

The law, Rossi? Never esisted. Not in our country, anyway. In our country only exists the law made to protect the crimes of the rich and the powerful, other law doesn’t exist. Are you laughing? You shouldn’t my friend. The matter is as much absurd as dramatic. It’s so. No, doesnt exist in this country the law. Let’s not talk about justice. Please, do not mention it, it’s a blasphemy. No! I don’t want to hear, Rossi. Thank you. Today I am peremptory. Sometimes I just can’t help it. Today it’s so. Here, my friend, in this shit of thing, this nonsense institutionalized, in this country or what the hell you want to call it, law and justice belong to the parasites, those who never worked and yet own everything, other colour the law doesn’t have. How could be there justice, in a country where, statistically speaking, is the 69th in the world concerning the freedom of speech? Come on! The body of Italy, my dear Rossi, is, so to speak, industrial, and that’s okay, but its head, mind, spirit, call it as you wish, is found in the Middleage, the rest is rhetoric.

What a wonderful country to live in!

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