Letter to a greek friend

So do I, Joanna. I too support the greek people. Adriano Celentano, among lots on nonsense that he said at Sanremo’s Festival, he said also something good and I am glad for this. I agree with him about the fact that Germany and France obliged the greek rules, indifferent of the fact that the people are dying of hunger, to buy their weapons, and the world of course knows it. But the greek problem, in my opinion, is not only that. The greek problem is first of all a political problem and this Celentano couldn’t see. The greek politicians are corrupted and unable to rule in a dignified way the greek people, the same could be said about the italian politicians.

We can’t breath in our culture without breathing the wisdom and the philosophy of classical Greece, and yet even there things weren’t perfect. It’s enough to mention the return of Ulysses at home and the death of Socrates. Personally, in certain circumstances, I prefer to remember the words of the wise swineherd in the book of Homer when he says something like that: “We farmers work hard to grow the pigs so the others can eat ad enjoy them”. What has changed since then?

The greek people, not their rules, are the descendants of the swineherd in Homer’s Odysseus and they are good, honest and hard working people. Surely they deserve better leaders. I am totally on theri side.

Our, not only in Greece and in Italy, but all over the world, is a political problem: the basis of our institutions are discriminatory and rotten. Only a radical change of our society could save mankind, the rest are temporary panacea.

With love, francis

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