Looking for a translator gratis

I just can’t allow myself to pay one. If there is somebody who has the vocation of working for free, like me, because I too work without being paid, then he or she is welcome. And anyway sometimes one can sacrifice himself for a good cause, assuming that translating my work from Italian into English is a good cause, socially good.

Of course you can also be a translator as for pleasure, for the desire to specialize in this interesting profession, for hobby. Personally I don’t have anymore time to do it myself, I have many commitments and they do not allow me to translate myself into English.

Are welcome also any other languages besides English, such as French, German, Spanish etc. Anyone who wants to translate my work in his mother tongue, please do so. It’s enough to put my name and say that the work has been translated from the Italian.

There is also place in this adventure for a would be novice translator. Could translate an article into English and then send it to me so I could give it a look before putting it on the blog with his name. Anyways, before we arrive at this point, we must find the translator, and then definitely we will agree on how to proceed.

So who is the first, the first whose aim is to work for free? Thanks in advance for the brave, the courageous! Here’s my email: email@francis-sgambelluri.com

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