The love that nourishes and transforms us in human beings



“Sex is a momentary itch, love never let you go,”

         Kingsley Amis


Love, when it comes, let’s enjoy it until it lasts and, when it is finished, we must be grateful to those who we loved and loved us. He, deep down, doesn’t owe us anything; she, deep down, doesn’t owe us anything, and yet, for an hour, for a night, for a month or years, we gave each other so much of our bodies, of our souls, of our spirits, of our hearts, of our physical and spiritual intimacy: in short, of our love. So much, we gave to each other.

Love is not associated with sexuality, even if it is; it is not associated with jealousy, even if it is; it is not associated with reproduction, even if it is; it is not associated with duty, even if it is; is not associated with interests, even if it is: love is that spark of awareness that makes us understand that to be total, we need the other, that indispensable part that we lack and therefore so much require. Life is lore or nothing.

The lovers, not the infatuated ones, not the Don Giovanni, the cynics, the scornful of the feelings, but the real lovers, those for whom love is Love, when they talk to one another their two Is bocome a single I, their two hearts a single Heart, their two worlds a single World: together they Are.

“I see you are happy,” says he to her, “so I am happy too.”

“I see you are happy,” says she to him, “so I am happy too.”

This love has freed itself from bestiality and has turned into humanity. Humans are not born humans, humans we become and this thanks to the love that nourishes us and transforms us into human beings. Poetry, and it doesn’t matter if uncultivated or refined, is always present among lovers, among those for whom love is their vital food.

The murderers of the first and second world war did not love, they didn’t even know what love was. If they had known, how could they kill so many people? Wealth, power, domination, blind and brutal fury, just like that of Achilles against Ettore in the Odyssey, are not friends of love, but of hatred and stupidity. Love is not war, love is humanity and we can create it with good feelings and reason.

“Sex is a momentary itch, love never let you go, “says Kingsley Amis and says right. The chemistry of love is not a mystery, is not a dream, is not a poison; the chemistry of love is rich, complex and healthy and is found in each of us. You just need to look for it, find it, educate it and it is yours for life with all its power and vitality. Here is his magic, his reality: don’t miss it!




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