Love is a totally feminine product


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The innate is a construct


This article is not an article against men, as it may appear from its title, it is an article which has to do with our history, our biology, our chemistry, atomicity, and therefore with our true reality. This may not please the machos, or misogynists, phallocrats, anti-feminists amongst us, but, whether they like it or not, it doesn’t change anything, it’s how things are.

Let’s start by saying that the male, of any species, as soon as they have mated with a female, calms down a little, as their physical being demands, but after a while, their search for another female starts up again, their sexual instinct imposes it on them.

Very few males help the females they have impregnated in the upbringing of their young; this is the job of the female alone, who generally, almost always, brings up the young and protects them at the risk of her own life. And not only. She’s ready to protect them against the very male whose young they are.

Males, while carrying out the act of fertilising the female, are prepared for all eventualities, even to kill or be killed.

This concept of love, as you may now imagine, is not based on an objective reality, not at all. In other words, it doesn’t work in the same way for men as for women in our species of homo sapiens.

Whether our species (homo sapiens is only a nom de plume which we apes have given ourselves) loves its young or not is not a result of natural love, as nature does not express itself through love, but of instinct, the instinct to reproduce and to survive. Therefore, if our species loves its offspring, in the best of cases, it is a result of cultural conviction, in the worst case it is a punishment imposed by the dominant group of the species or by laws, which are also made by the strongest in any given society.

It is the woman, all through history, who has transformed her instincts of reproduction and survival into love. Her attachment to her children is natural, it is not imposed by the dominant group, and even less by institutional law; she carries it within her.

Man, possibly, is able to transform his sexual desire into love. His love, however, is dictated by his need to mate. Sex for men is food, and food is sex, but not love. When he says, “I love you”, it really means “I want you”.

A woman loves her children as an innate given, as a result of a biological force which transcends her, which is in her, but which is stronger than she is. Indeed, in order to save her children, she would be prepared to do anything, such as throw herself into the sea, even if she can’t swim.

For a man, the world consists of a vagina. And his contribution towards bringing up his children, in comparison to what the woman does, is negligible.

It is the woman who carries the child in her womb for nine months, who risks death during birth, who has to go through the most abominable pain to bear her child, who feeds it, even taking the food out of her own mouth, brings it up, educates, instructs it, who is prepared to make almost any sacrifice, even to die if necessary.

In natural terms, we could describe a man as an inseminating phenomenon, who fertilises eggs like many other males in the animal world, or as pollen in the vegetable world, an act which is necessary for the continuation of his own species, and of life in general.

A woman is programmed to create and complete the product of her womb from start to finish. In the event a child should die or be killed, it is the woman who is desperate, who groans, falters, cries, goes into mourning, presses the dead body to her bosom, kisses it, caresses it, talks to it, and by doing so, teaches men not only to develop a human and social conscience, but also, and most importantly, how to love.

A man can be infatuated by many women, want to possess many women, mate with many women, but in spite of this, he can still feel empty and alone. Men are only useful to women if they help to protect them when necessary, if they help them bring up the children, otherwise, given women’s creative nature, they can do without a man and still feel just as satisfied and fulfilled, like a tree when it has borne its fruit.

A man’s love is an artificial, cultural construct; a woman’s love is intimate, natural, and comes from her instinct to procreate, so from her soul, from her heart, from her female being. When, in “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the fox says It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”, it is talking about a completely feminine truth.

A man seldom feels fulfilled and happy. Often he feels impotent and frustrated. This is not the case for a woman. Happiness is a feeling which should be shared: a male stands alone, a female has young. This genetic fact has always existed. Her protective instinct is a given which mutates into love for her offspring, they are all she needs, the rest is culture.

The elements which go to make up a man lead him to make war on others, or even on himself, while those that make up a woman mutate into productivity and then love. A woman loves, feels affection as a natural inclination; a man’s natural inclination is to feel sexual desire, but he does not necessarily feel love. He often confuses the itch, the need, desire, his animal feelings with love.

A woman, in spite of all the work involved, the privations, the risks she has to take in bringing up her children, in the end, and thanks to the infinite injustices created by men, does not even give her surname to her children, but the father’s, even if the child was conceived in an act of rape!

The social roles of men and women, and this is nowadays more important than ever, should all be revised because, in reality, a man, when you really look at things, in comparison to a woman, is not what he believes himself to be.

So, love is a completely female product. It is a woman’s natural copyright, her fulfilment. She is the creator of this noble feeling, this stupendous passion, a phenomenon which removes the darkness and illuminates life. We should try for a moment to imagine a life deprived of all loving sentiment and we would immediately realise its enormous importance. This, and much more, we owe to her, woman.

Men, ever since the beginnings of time, and more importantly, chauvinists, have always exploited women, treated them badly, cheated on them, beaten them, enslaved them, subjected them, manipulated, molested, murdered, imprisoned, abused, violated, played in their own way with women, and totally unjustifiably and barbarically. He, who, compared to a woman, is only a very small cog in the biological machine.

With things being this way, we could say that everything absurd, every injustice and every monstrosity we find in the society we live in today, has its origins in men. It’s no coincidence that American feminists would like to strip men of any social role and leave them only that of the stud. If this should ever take place, would it really be a loss for the human race and the planet, or would it be for the better?


AN INVITATION: If you have enjoyed this article, please pass the word, share it, criticise it, tell me what you think. In order to mature, culturally speaking (not biologically, nature takes care of that), we need to understand, to communicate, to confront each other, to say what we think, whether the others want to hear it or not. Just do it! Life is here and now, and then never again. Let us not miss this chance of confronting ourselves and each other. We are all human beings. No man is more than just a man.


Translated from the Italian by Joy Elizabeth Avery. Tel: 015.703954; Email:




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