Me and the Universe


A new vision of the cosmos and life

I need

I don’t know about you

but I need

before I am going to die

to have a vision of everything

and my everything is this:

When I try to have a look or give myself an idea of the immense in which I find myself living without a “but” and without a “reason”, and no matter how I imagine myself in this immense or what kind of value I try to get of me, I must admit that I can’t even perceive myself one way or another. I see myself much less than an infinitesimal particle, almost a non-existent thing. Saying it all at once, I see myself as a total and absolute nothingness of nothingness.

The music changes if I see myself in it as a spark, as a luminous particle, a phenomenon able to all understanding and all seeing, that is as a cosmic consciousness armed with eyes that see everything, even what cannot be seen.

This illumination transforms me totally, I am no longer myself, I become a phenomenon bigger than the whole universe. The universe, despite its size which is big nearly 50 billion light years, if compared to the space in which it dwells, it is no bigger than a soap bubble; while I, armed with my cosmic consciousness and with eyes that see everything, even what cannot be seen, I don’t only am able to observe my body and the whole universe, but also I can observe the infinite space in which everything is born, happens and disappears.

This is an extraordinary vision, an event in which dreams and reality come together in a single and magic show, a show that speaks of the immense potential that man’s life is and represents.

It is my spark, then, that illuminates the immense and not the immense that illuminates my spark. I am, therefore, more, much more important than the immense in which I live. In fact, without me, the universe doesn’t exist. I, a god who is born and a god who dies in a world-universe that exists thanks to me and to my spark.

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