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We are made of atoms as any other phenomena existing in the whole universe: stars, planets, oceans, mountains, volcanoes, trees, living beings, all built piece by piece of atoms, particles, mini pieces of matter. The entire universe is teeming with atoms and particles. Atoms mixing with other atoms, atoms eating each other, fighting with each other, supporting each other, destroying each other, cuddling each other, mating, hating, loving each other. Ours is a world of atoms and created by atoms. No matter what appearance the immense takes, it is always and everywhere made of atoms.

Imagination, a very important tool of the brain, was born from atoms and not atoms from imagination. The same with thought, invention, spirit. If we wanted to create a phenomenology of the spirit, not according to Hegel, but according to “real science” and in an atomic sense, this could revolution our usual vision of life and teach us how to travel with the mind till the origin of the universe, that is till the origin of the proto-element in an instant.

We have been taught that we can’t travel faster than light. Wrong, it is not true. The mind can travel much faster than light and not only. While the light is a phenomenon and nothing else, the mind, instead, is a spark of knowledge and consciousness. In fact, when light is associated to the mind, light looks like an old turtle. Light, for every kilometer it travels, takes time. Not so with the mind. We are talking here, of course, of a creative and trained mind whose speed is relative to the knowledge and the imagination of the subject: little speed, little mind; big speed, big mind. A brain that has studied and thought deeply about the Great Whole, has a fast mind billions and billions times quicker than light.

As we just have said, light takes time for every kilometer it travels. For example, to travel from the Earth to the Moon takes it one second, from the Moon to the Sun 8 minutes and a few seconds, from the Sun to the center of the Milky Way 30 thousand years, from the Milky Way to the Sombrero galaxy 30 million years, and from the Sombrero galaxy to the big bang, 14 billion light years.

Traveling with the mind is another thing. There is no comparison with the light. For the mind, moving from the Earth to the Moon, to the Sun, to the Milky Way, to the Sombrero galaxy, to the big bang, to the proto-element, to nothingness of nothingness, takes the same time as for each of them: a flash of thought and nothing more.

For such a structured mind, everything in the universe is within reach. Such a mind is capable of moving everywhere at an extraordinary and superman speed. A powerful mind like this should help us enter and come out from a black hole in a few seconds.

This mental powerfulness is part of our atomic heritage. It’s ours, we just have to cultivate it with love, passion, instruction, brain flexibility and the rest is routine. Deep down there is no difference between the matter that makes up the universe and the imagination. Thought is a child of atoms and everywhere in the unlimited it is at home in a blink of an eye. Where there are particles, there are atoms and there is also our body and our mind. Our spirit, thus equipped, is capable of moving between phenomena at an infinite speed. This is not invention, this is discovery, knowledge, science, philosophy: man is, believe it or not, a universe in miniature.

Our dear friend, Stephen Hawking, made a big mistake when he said that philosophy didn’t exist, it was dead. It’s not so, Stephen, but we, the free thinkers, we like you and we think that, besides science, you have other interesting and potential qualities. For example, when you criticized the way of making science of the British academics and consequently you refused the knighthood of the Queen, etc. To do so, a scientist, needs courage, a strong will and a free mind and personality and you have demonstrated to have all this and much more. For what concerns philosophy, my dear, we can say that there is philosophy without science, but not science without philosophy.

It is obvious that this way of seeing the cosmos, leads us to reduce it to our dimension, even if we have the illusion of traveling phenomenal distances. When we think we have travelled great spaces in a very short time, in reality, we are traveling in our personal micro universe. We can zoom in or out of the universe as we please. Unreal? I wouldn’t say it. It happens in our mind and all what happens in our mind, it’s as real as the whole universe is real.

It occurs to me, when I think of nothingness of nothingness, of the proto-element, of the first nuclear fusion, the big bang, to see them all as if they were in front of my eyes, in spite there are billions and billions of light years that separate me from them. But, the question of the question is: “Are we really separated from our universe or are we all one with the universe? According to me, we are one with the universe.

Imagination created by consciousness and imprinted in us with all the essences of the universe, is a unique and great phenomenon. This is not empty invention, this is a unique phenomenal piece of matter produced by our immense. The vacuum that existed before the first particle is real, but with the appearance of the first particle, the vacuum finished to exist. From this time onward the universe, and I don’t mean nothingness of nothingness or the space, but the physical universe, is one and is full like an egg.

The first phenomenon in the history of the universe, namely nothingness of nothingness, is a total vacuum, but with the arrival of the first particle, began matter, the real matter, matter equipped with the all potentialities we know today in the universe. This last one, that is conscious matter, in its way, is able to examine, in subtle details, all that exists in the Great Whole according to the speed of the mind. This is what we mean when we say that to be atoms and therefore the children of atoms.


This article has been taken from ‘The Trilogy’. third book: “Son of the elements and the big bang, the cosmic autobiography of a human being”. It is written in Italian and it was published in 2020.

Here are some of my works where the cosmological topic is discussed in a more broad way: “The Trilogy”, the first book: “Flash about man and the universe”, the second book: “From nothingness of nothingness to virtual immortality”, and third book: “Son of the elements and the big bang, the cosmic autobiography of a human being”, plus “The 4 pillars that support the universe and the before and the afterlife of the Big Bang”,published by Contro Corrente (Print MnM Edizions), plus the articles I posted on my blog: “Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of papier mache or my Singapore speech”; “The cosmic foundations and the discovery that God is = the Nothing of the Nothing”; “The transparent universe; The Universe as it is in 12 images”; “The Universe and Life; But I, Francis Sgambelluri, who am I in this immense, really?”; “The World-Universe in a few clear and concise words”; “Life starting from its deepest roots”, etc.

  • The copyright of all this work, including this last one, of course, is mine. Thank you.

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