New Year’s dream

And why not? To dream, for example, style Dumas: one for all and all for one! Nice this dream, isn’t it? If only we could realize it! Not a chance, it’s just a dream. The reality is another, the reality is that:

At this precise moment, all over the planet, millions of children, adults and elderly people are dying of starvation: they are our brothers, are similar to us and they too, like us, are condemned to the same fate: death!

In this precise moment, destruction and desertification is going on in every corner of the earth: fewer forests, lesser species, more and more concrete, more and more devastation.

At this precise moment, the sea is becoming more polluted, more ugly, more unfriendly, menacing: fewer fish, lesser life, more and more signs of desolation.

At this precise moment, all over the planet, the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer, injustice increases, hate increases, frustration and unhappiness increase.

At this precise moment, in the Middle East, while the chiefs of the States of the whole world congratulate one another and celebrate the New Year, innocents civilians are being killed by their own barbarous soldiers.

How much absurdity can still endure our brain? How many ridiculous things can it still stand? What is happening to us, people? Where are we going to find ourselves if we continue at this pace? And why, and what for? Just to feel that our belly is fuller than that of our brothers, of our fellow men? No other ambition, no other reason to live for, gain and power alone? And we are supposed to rappresent humanity?

Come on! This behaviour of ours reduces us to beasts, beasts and full stop. I refuse to believe in this human reality. I want to believe that man is above his egoism, above power and possession, above greedness.

From now on, for what concerns myself, I am going to change, and in fact I do it starting from today, the first day of the year 2013. I am going, thanks to my reason and to my will, I am going to be a real human being (we are not born human, we become). And not only. I am going also, not to scream, what’s the use?, what for?, but to whisper, to whisper to everyone and everybody over the earth: people, let’s love one another!

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