Our sick rotten social world


The social insanity and madness is everywhere in the world. We find it in Iran, we find it between Gaza and Israel, we find it in the pope going around the world preaching his mental insanity and madness, we find it in all those who preach the holy war (jihad), we find it in the USA when it destroys Iraq, we find it between Russia and Ukraine and their killing, etc. We live, alas!, in a world dominated, not by sane healthy thinking heads, but by insane and bestial thinking and doing heads. Their insanity and madness is due to man or to nature? I have no doubt about it: is due to man.

There isn’t a single politician in the whole world who is not sick in the head. Must be. Why? Because the world is dominated by capitalism and capitalism is a criminal organization with the licence to exploit, to rob, to kill, to rape, to destroy, to condemn, to make wars and so on. Now, if a politician accepts this kind of “social contract”, he must, from a human and democratic point of view, be sick in the head for the simple fact of belonging to this criminal system without doing anything to change it. Better still, he uses the capitalism ideology to get more power and more wealth. In other words, he is happily slave of the system and of the ruling classes.

The people, of course, do not need such a representative man. At all! Infact, the people of the world today do not need anyone to represent them, lead them, take care of their labour. At all! They all must learn to live in a human way with one another and to remember that the needs of one are the needs of all and the needs of all are the needs of one. Everyman, in a society worthy of this name, must feel, think and understand that he is no more nor less of anybody less, because no man is more than a man.

Why, is there a reason, except that of the strength, that the pope, who sells mental insanity and madness and, in spite of that, he is one of the richest man in the world? Why, is there a reason, except that of the strength, that the queen, Elizabeth II, should be one of the richest women in the world? Why, is there a reason, except that of the strength, that the president of the italian republic, Giorgio Napolitano, who gains 240 thousand euros a year, plus all the rewards, privileges etc, etc, while a simple italian worker, a real worker!, doesn’t even reach 10 thousand euros a year? Why, is there a reason, except that of the strength, that million if not billions of people all thruoghout the Planet live and die in miserable conditions while a minority of them live in total comfort and richness?

Now, if no man or woman is more than a man or a woman, why, then, there’s so much difference among them? If we undress the pope and we leave him naked, the same we do with the queen and the president of the italian republic and we put them among other common naked people, can we recognize who is the pope and who is the worker, who is the queen and who is the whore, who is the president and who is the bandit? No, we don’t. We are only white monkeys and so is the pope, the queen and the president of the italian republic. Charles Darwin, the compatriot and subjet of the queen, he wouldn’t find any problem to confirm this statement. Why, then, why there’s so much discrimination among the same species, among the same human beings?

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