Ours: an enlightened barbaric System and a fiasco civilization – in 3 posts, the first*

“There aren’t men who must be denounced and vanquished, but it’s the System that corrupts them until they became nonhuman,” Raoul Vaneigem.

“The ‘System’ mentioned by Raoul Vaneigem, has been created by them, by men, and more exactly by those who became ‘nonhuman’. These men, and not others, are the ones who must be ‘denounced and vanquished ‘,” Orazio Guglielmini.

The other night (22 January, 2015) Lorenza told me: “This evening, on television, there is the movie Hannah Arendt.”

“The philosopher and lover of Martin Heidegger?”


“Let’s watch it.”


We buy the TV guide. When we see something we like, we watch it. For that time we had chosen. We had dined a bit before our habit. So, sitting comfortable on our chairs, ready to watch the movie Hannah Arendt at 9 pm, Rai3. We do not like to miss the beginning of the film. In any case, the beginning of Hannah Arendt wasn’t given. They put in its place documentaries about Nazi concentration camps. We were disappointed. It wasn’t what we wanted to see. At all. We turned off the television and everyone continued with the reading of his own book.

Why, then, why they change TV programs once announced? I don’t think it’s the case of pursuing this thought, we know very well the noble desings of the TV handlers. And anyway, why continue to impose on us these lagers, why don’t they change music? We are really fed up seeing mountains and mountains of corpses. Why, then, if they are so keen to show us corpses, why don’t they move the camera lens on other mountains of dead killed? There aren’t only German lagers, the whole world is a lager. Cemeteries, from the dawn of civilization until today, are full of killed cadavers. What is then the reason they insist so much in stuffing our heads with only Nazi crimes?

All the history belongs to us and surely not only a little piece of it, the piece of the nazi history. So, why they insist so much showing us films on the Holocaust, on the memory day, and then the extermination of the Jews, and the lagers, and the Shoah, and the concentration camps? Thus, Jews jews jews, lagers lagers lagers, corpses coprses corpses, why? Is there a particular reason for all this?

I want to know more about it. I go on Internet. I find: “Shoah, Milan are the days of memory.” I read quickly. Further down, in the same article: “… we must complete the library and multimedia area to be in conjunction with all the other memorials in the world.” I don’t carry on reading, I stop here. So they are building “memorials” all around the world to remember the Hitler concentration camps, to recall the extermination of the Jews. Great! But why, why don’t they begin to build other “memorials” around the world, not only to remember the extermination of the Jews, but to remember also the killing of Palestinians by the Jews, the extermination of the Iraqians by the Americans, the extermination of the Syrians by Assad, the extermination of Charlie Hebdo by the Isis terrorists. Why don’t they, then, show us also these crimes and build up “memorials” for them?

Those who work for System and decide these things, they shouldn’t concentrate only to one part of dead killed, because, for that matter, during World War II were killed 62 million of human beings. Instead, for what concerns the killing of the Jews, the Americans, in Viet Nam, 30 years after the monstrousities combined by Adolf Hitler, killed nearly 5 million vietnamities, while german Monster killed only 4 million and a half of Jews (see The Holocaust Industry, pag. 175, italian version). Now, if those of the System want to think in terms of extermination, I think they should read in a correct way history and then do things in a fair way. Let me repeat it. We are not a little piece of our history, surely not only the german lager history, we are and rappresent the total history of mankind. So, to begin with, if they would like to be correct, they should start building “memorials” for all those people who have been destroyed by the tyrants all around the world, and not only for the Jews. And if they don’t want to build up “memorials” for all the people exterminated or almost exterminated by the tyrants all around the world, because they are too expensive and cumbersome, they can show us, the television audience, these bloodsheds in movies, documentaries, whatever, but in a realistic way, just as they do when show us the nazi crimes.

Why, for once, why, instead of making us to see all the time on TV movies and documentaries about the Holocaust, why don’t they make us to see the barbaric, the injustice, the torture, the forced labour, the killings, the atrocities of the Egyptian, Persian and Greek kings who, deliberately and beastly, brutalized and killed their slaves and enemies? This is history, isn’t it? And not only.

Why don’t they bombard our ears, after all it’s easy to do so, we are prisoners in our own homes, why don’t they bombard our ears with all the killings and plunderings and brutalizing of the Roman empire? Had it, all along its existence, had it another honorable occupation except the one of killing and plundering and brutalizing? Why, then, why don’t they, those who work for the System, why don’t they show us on TV, as much as they show us about lagers and nazi crimes, why don’t they show us all the fantastic doings of the colosseum? Aren’t the colosseum’s monstrous slaughterings dignified of the worsest acts of the nazi lagers?

For me, and I would like to make it clear, the whole history, not only a piece, surely not only the Holocaust, but the whole of mankind’s history, good and bad, is as if it all happened yesterday. And sometimes, I must say, the monstrous and nonhuman, this history particularly lives strongly in me. I still see the macabre doings, I still have nightmares about them, and sometimes all seems to me to be not so far, not 2-3 thousand years ago, but to be actual.

However, they shouldn’t show us these infamous pages of our nonhuman history in romantic and obscured films hollywoodian style, at all, they should show them to us in real reproductions and imitations of the times when these events happened. If we, we the people, the imprisoned audience, if we see these things as they had really happened, then we understand, surely we understand how many massacres preceded those of the German Monster. And not only. We would also understand the horror in our daily life of the world in which we live today.

Why, then, why don’t they make us to see what Torquemada, the Inquisition and the Church made to their victims for centuries? Namely torturing them, imprisoning them, burning them alive, killing them, robbing them and maiming their minds, souls and bodies. It would be interesting watching the real doings of the Church, wouldn’t it? And since we are dealing with the Church, why don’t they show us also what it did for centuries to the Jews, the so called killer of Jesus Christ? This and much more was the favourite job of the cactolics and the christians: pure sadistic tastes and wicked delirious minds. Another type of lager, of course, but much fiercer and horrifying than the Nazi concentration camps. This is also nonhuman history, isn’t it? So, why don’t they show us this paradise of our wonderful history?

And what should we think about the sea of blood which the Spaniards poured in South America? They killed, killed and killed, in the name of God, millions and millions of atzecs, mayas, indios, natives, while they stole their gold, burn their homes, destroy everything came their way, ripe the women, why, then, why don’t they make us to see all these historical facts, all this paradise of our history in a real way and also creating roundtables with experts, historians, critics and people coming from these places who would comment them directly?

And what about the French kings? For example, those before the Revolution? What about their crimes, their depravity, their cruelty, their ignominy, childishness, smallness, selfishness, in short, their beastly nonhuman behaviour? The thing that most insults the common mind about all this brutality is that that they, the French kings, could do all this infamous macaber show in a placid and lawful way! Is there another beast, all over the Earth, more vicious, unfair, shocking, bloodthirsty and ferocious than man?

Why don’t they, since we people are for the System only toys to play with, why don’t they make us to see, evening after evening for a full month, the Americans while they shoot, kill and brutalize the Indians in their own land? What would you do, reader, if someone would come in your own country, in your own home and violate your wife, your daughters, destroy all what you love and all what you worked for and, in the end, he threw you out kicking your bum?

The historical cruelties, absurdities, bloodsheds don’t stop here. At all. They never stop. For example, what did the English do to the Australian natives? Simply they exterminate systematically all the aborigines of Tasmania and nearly all the aborigines of the big Continent. Great, isn’t it? This is also nonhuman history and not just the nazi-fascist one, or not?

At this stage of our narration, shouldn’t we also give a glance to what the European predators, thieves, butchers, assasins, in short, the infinitely greedy and infinitely devilish, have done to the black people of Africa? They slaughter, they devastate, they made prisoners, they led to forced labor poor negros after having stolen their goods, their land, their lives; after having raped their women and, in the end, in a brutal and beastly way, they put them on cargo ships headed to America to become slaves of the Americans. Why, then, why, instead of showing us the usual Shoah, why don’t they show us these things for a full year evening after evening?

And what about the latest killings, those committed by Pol Pot in Cambodia, those committed by the Americans in Viet Nam, those perpetrated by Bush junior in Iraq, those who is committing nowadays the Syrian hangman in his own country, those who are committing today the Israelis, who, from victims of the nazism had transformed themselves in executioners of the Palestinians, why don’t they show us all these crimes? And couldn’t they also put to our disposition historians, critics, witnesses, experts, people who come from these places and who lived on their own skin these horrible experiences and who would comment personally the happenings?


* I have to apologize with the reader for the mistakes. I translated this post from the italian one and while translating it, I also triplicated the content. I hope, if not the language, at least the content of the posts is clear.

I’m always looking for a translator from italian to english.

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