For a phenomenology and an ontology of divine emptiness – 6 post, the second


I admit, talking about religion, I feel like throwing up, but I have no choice and I say no more: who wants to understand understand.

foto (3)Who is God? Nobody. It is pure fiction, metaphysical intuition, a fried empty concept. In other words, simple fried air. Fried air distinguishes itself from natural air. In the first there is nothing, absolutely nothing, absolute zero; in the second, the natural air, there are the particles, the substance,life, death. God is fried air. And not only.

1) God is fear, scare, fright, terror

2) God is nothingness, le néant, il nulla, anti-matter

3) God is nobody, rien, nichts, niente

4) God is the product of a primitive imagery

5) God is opinion, doxa, blah blah

6) God is cave-dwelling grunt, bestiality, ignorance

7) God is mythology, fantasy, foolishness, innocence

8) God is nonsense, absurdity, emptiness, stupidity

9) God is a lie

10) God is living, not in an authentic way, not in a real way, but living ideally = falsely

11) God is illusion and who believes in him lives in an illusion

12) God is the refuge of the fools, the selfish, of all those who have not enough with one normal life, but they want an eternal one

13) God is a pathological brain itching

14) God has no body, has no substance, it is not a being, it is a phantom created by the mind, out of our mind there is no God

15) God is madness, fanaticism, bigotry, hysteria, extremism

16) God is a projection of ourselves, megalomania: I am what I think of myself: a God

17) God is self-centeredness, is egoarca is egoriferito, is egotistical

18) God means to get rich on the misery, stupidity and backwardness of others

19) God is arrogance, war, blood, destruction, death

20) God is flatus vocis or vibrations in the air and nothing more

21) God is inhumanity, brutality, violence, scandal, squalor, debauchery

22) God is involution, retrogression, decadence, decay

23) God is superstition, exorcism, imposture, black magic

24) God is cunningness, immorality, cynicism, nihilism

25) God is self-interest, convenience, incitement to cheat and to steal our fellow men

26) God is institutionalized, legalized, legitimized, approved banditry

27) God is national, historical and cultural backwardness

28) God is confusion and mental pollution

29) God is injustice, corruption, immorality, deception, wrong politics

30) God is a determined brain cancer

31) God is Holy and Blessed Nonsense

32) God, and here the moral and the human smallness of the little men is crystal clear, notwithstanding he is a purely artificial product of the brain, in spite of this, he is the author of all the wars, all the misery, all the misunderstandings and human injustices in the whole world, but the little men need him to feel great, but they great are not

33) God, shortly said, is an insult to the history of mankind, and above all an insult to the man of the twenty-first century.

The invention of “divine emptiness” is a metaphysical invention, a pure product of the mind, but it is an invention that allows the Christian believers, among other things, to build their own image to the likeness of God. In fact, when you go to the core of this religious mental illness, you realize that every Christian has his own “personal God”, and this personal God doesn’t match with any other God. Why? Because it is about the image that every believer has made of Him, so each of them has his own personal God. And so, the Christian believers, thanks to this invention, have transformed themselves in God. God is always written with a capital letter, because every believer, in the depths of his soul and heart, believes himself to be God. The Christians, the pope in the lead, believe to be themselves the children of God, therefore God themselves. Their “ego” has been so much magnified along the evolution of the “divine emptiness”, to lead them to believe that they are God. And so today we have so many Gods as there are Christians in the world. If there are, as they say, 800 million Christians on earth, there are 800 million “Gods.” So, reader, when you stand in front of a Christian, you know with whom you’re dealing.

Taken from “The Divine Indifference”

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