The real united Europe, has ever existed?


foto (3)Not really. If so, I can’t understand why the Members of the European Parliament and their spokesmen, the journalists, go on saying that if things continue to go on as they are going, the united Europe will crumble. If only! In any case, the news is fake. It’s a lie. As James Bond has a license to kill, so they, journalists and politicians, have the license to insult us with all sorts of nonsense from morning till evening.

The real united Europe, as a matter of fact, has never existed. About what united Europe are they talking about, the MEPs and their spokesmen? Perhaps they have in mind the monarchists’Europe, the papal Europe, the imperialist Europe, absolutist, capitalist, colonialist, multinational Europe? Or, perhaps, the Europe of the banks? Well, if this is the United Europe they have in mind, they are right.

However, they must know that the Europe of which they are talking about, it is not the real Europe, the Europe of those who built it, it is the Europe of the legalized bandits, thieves, killers, the Europe of those who have never had enough of power and richness. But, the real Europe, is the Europe of the European People, of the People who built it with their arms and with their blood and they defended it with their life, and without applause or honors. This Europe is yet to be united, joined , build. So, what are they babbling about the MEPs and their spokesmen?

People of Europe, wake up!

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