Religion, science and the hurricane Sandy

Take, as an example, what is happening these days in America, take hurricane Sandy.

To recognize his formation, his destructive violence, fury and try to see and avoid the negative consequences on the population was science, meteorological science. And so, thanks to it, if the dead, instead of being many, possibly millions, are reduced to only 60/70 victims.

Now let’s we make a comparison with religion. What would have done religion in front of the hurricane Sandy that hit the population (religion do not see and do not forsee the consequences of natural disasters)? Nothing. Just nothing. Would only ask the believers to pray, to invoke God to save the population and to calm the fury of Hurricane Sandy, here is what would have made religion in the face of this destructive force. But, religion, in reality, could really stop the hurricane Sandy only with prayers and masses?

Reader, give yourself “your” reply!

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