Sir Winston Churchill, the painter


“As long as we do not understand that the worst people in the world are those who govern and have governed it, we have not yet understood anything about ourselves or the world in which we live.”

 Orazio Guglielmini


Here is how the great man expresses himself in this painting business:

“I have to say that I love bright colors. When I get to heaven, I intend to spend a considerable part of my first million years painting to get to the essence of the subject. So, I will need a palette even more vivid than the one I have down here. There will be a whole range of new and wonderful colors to delight the celestial eye, “from the DVD History, Winston Churchill, the lion of England.

And you will not believe it, Sir Winston Churchill, while he was in Marrakech, the Paris of the Sahara, as he called it, in the desert of El Alamein the battle was raging. German, English and Italian soldiers clashed in a duel to death. Bodies flew in the air in pieces, in half, in minced meat; they were gutted with bayonets, burned, wounded, crushed under the tracks of tanks, tortured by the climate, by conflict, by death, by fright, and he, Sir Winston Churchill, the great artist, the great man, the winner of the Second World War, while all this slaughtering went on, he was happily dedicating himself to painting! “It was there, he says, from the tower (from the tower of the castle or the palace where he lived), that I painted the only painting to which I dedicated myself during the war.”

Sir Winston Churchill, as you see, was not only a great politician, a great strategist, a great historian, he was also a great painter and the great painters, when they have to bring out the best of their genius, they do it and this also in time of crying and disasters, just as the lion of England did.

The great man flew to heaven in 1965, so he spent 53 years in heaven together with God, Jesus and the saints. Surely, during this time, happily living in paradise, he had time enough to paint many celestial paintings. Now I wonder how we can bring his holy works down here on earth and do a great painting exhibition in his honor. It Would be a nice thing for him, ne s’est pas? The whole world would come to see his works and would appreciate, not only his talent as a great statesman, but also his great artistic genius.

We, the little men, and it must be said that too, right? We, the little men, we are indebted to Sir Winston Churchill, the man who defeated Adolf Hitler and won World War II, and we are indebted to him, not only for having freed us from Hitler’s scourge and for his artistic masterpieces, but also and above all for the fantastic world he has left us. He, the man who was never tired of repeating everywhere he went, his two favorite words: “Freedom and Democracy”, just like all the Great Men like him of today do.

But today we know, we knew it also before, but today more than ever we know that it is thanks to the Great Men like Sir Winston Churchill if our seas are dying, if the woods send tongues of fire towards the sky, if the deserts advance anywhere on the planet, if millions of children are dying of hunger day after day while he paints his paintings in paradise, if poverty and unemployment are everywhere, if the greenhouse effect is destroying the Earth, if the belligerent countries like his are sinking in the center of the earth because they are so loads of weapons, and all this and much more while the Great Men of the past and the present keep shouting in our ears “Freedom and Democracy!”

We, ladies and gentlemen, we should be very grateful to these Great Men, and Sir Winston Churchill was one on them, if today we live, not in the best of all possible worlds, but in the worst!





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