The Big Bang vs Creation

The Big Bang

The beginning: nothing, not a noise, not a stirring, not a soul, the universe begins in absolute darkness and silence.

I First image: timeless and lifeless, the space does not exist yet, all is dense, tense, then, suddenly, bamm!, the big bang;

II Second image: a billionth of a billionth of a second after the big bang, when time and space begin, the universe is a concentration of pure energy;

III Third image: within an instant, the universe begins to expand and quarks and antiquarks, the building blocks of matter that give rise to protons and neutrons, start to be formed;

IV Fourth image: 20 seconds from the beginning of the universe, a dense cloud with a temperature of 300 million degrees is formed;

V Fifth image: 3 minutes from its beginning, protons and neutrons bind to form the first atoms of helium and hydrogen;

VI Sixth image: 300 thousand years after the big bang, the universe continues to expand and cool, as density weakens, the first light is born;

VII Seventh image: a million years after the big bang, the first stars, planets, galaxies are formed and aspects of the universe are already both sinister and elegant;

VIII Eighth image: after a billion years, the entire universe is one fifth the size of the current one;

IX Ninth image: after about 7 billion years, from the debris of a supernova, a star is formed surrounded by a series of planets: it’s our Sun;

X Tenth image: about 4 billion, 600 million years ago, among the planets that have formed around the Sun, is the Earth, our future home in the Universe;

XI Eleventh image: 3 billion, 800 million years ago rocks are formed and the first bacteria appears;

XII  Twelfth image: the seas are formed, where life first develops;

XIII Thirteenth image: 570 million years ago in the Cambrian era, is the time when life’s varied species are formed;

XIV Fourteenth image: about 2 million years ago homo habilis appears, the father of our culture;

XV Fifteenth image: 100 thousand years ago, is born homo sapiens: our planet’s greatest “nuisance”.

Creation: how God created the world

I First image: God creates himself.

“How?”, Rossi asks.

“I do not know,” Guglielmini answers, and continues.

II Second image: God creates the universe.

“How?”, Rossi asks.

“I do not know,” Guglielmini replies, and continues.

III Third image: God creates life.

“How?” Rossi asks.”

I do not know, Guglielmini responds, and continues.

IV Fourth image: God creates human beings, then destroys them, then recreates them.

“How?”, Rossi asks.

“I do not know”, Guglielmini answers.

“When did God create the world?”, Rossi then asks Guglielmini.

“Six thousand years ago”, he replies.

“But how can that be possible?”, Rossi asks.

“Lets change the subject”, Guglielmini answers.

Translated from “Has life meaning”

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