The Cristocatto Church

It’s a very simple argument really for anyone  who wants to understand. It is obvious that if God is dead ( see  last Sunday’s blog post: “God is dead”), if God does not exist and has never existed, then God is a lie. Perhaps it didn’t seem to be a lie to our ancestors at the dawn of civilization when they were little  more than beasts, but it has become a lie from the story of Christ onwards and particularly since the Church became the Cristocatto Church. Today it’s an absolute fact: God is dead, God never existed, God is a complete lie, God is exploitation.

Now let’s look at this rationally, if such a thing is possible in this world. You, reader, how would you explain the existence of God in a world that could be wiped out forever from one minute to the next: wiped out by a meteorite, for example; by a caldera (an enormous volcano like Toba), for example; by a nuclear war, for example, or by a gigantic tsunami. Just how would you explain it?

And what about life, human life and the life of every species on the planet, life that is old enough to die even when it is still in its mother’s womb, would you say, would you really say that this is an expression of creative wisdom that has been skillfully and lovingly perfected by a wise Creator or would you say that it is the most grotesque and cruel thing that it is possible to create?

And when an innocent child dies in its mother’s arms for no reason, is  this too, in your opinion, an expression of creative wisdom skillfully and lovingly perfected by a wise Creator? Or, tell me, when an earthquake  buries thousands and thousands of human beings under the rubble of their own homes, is this too, according to you, an expression of creative wisdom skillfully and lovingly perfected by a wise Creator?

In a word, dear reader, life on earth, everywhere on earth and everything that  lives on it is like a tinderbox in the midst of a perpetual storm. Is this also, in your opinion, an expression of creative wisdom skilfully and lovingly perfected by a wise Creator? Would this be the kind of world created by a wise God who is omniscient and good?

Now if this is the case, don’t you think that the Cristocatto Institution,  which sells lies and nothing but lies: the God lie, the Son of God lie, the Trinity lie: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the resurrection lie, the paradise lie, the Madonna lie, lies, lies, all lies, don’t you think that it is responsible for the deaths of all those who have died believing in this hugely cruel and catastrophic lie?

Now if this is the case, isn’t the Cristocatto Institution responsible for all those who die and will die believing in this horrendous devilish monstrous  swindle organized  ad hoc?

Now if this is the case, shouldn’t the Cristocatto Institution pay for having imposed such a false credo, inspiring terror and sending billions and billions of deluded believers to their deaths under completely false pretences??

Now if this is the case, why let the Cristocatto Church continue undisturbed  with these barbarities?

*  Cristo stands for “Cristianità” and Catto for “Cattolicesimo”. The story of the Church is a mixture of these two words which put together form the word “Cristocatto”. See “L’Indifferenza divina”.


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