The Inexistence of God: a Deception of Humanity Which Has Lasted Thousands of Years – 4 posts, the third

foto (4)“In principle, God didn’t create either the heavens or the earth, but it was the Elohim, or those of them who made cultivatable fields from areas where there was water and sand,”

Mauro Biglino

After having passed over the six, six, six, six million Jews who starved or met other deaths in various countries, after having passed over the crimes committed under Stalin, after having passed over the second atomic bomb dropped by the Americans on Nagasaki, or over Nazism and the six million Jews killed during the Second World War, the author of “L’invenzione di Dio”, (The Invention of God), comes to the point, to the crime of all crimes, committed by the biggest murderer of all times, the crime committed against humanity by Yahweh!

Mauro Biglini maintains that the entire Old Testament is a compendium of crimes: genocides, bloodbaths, exterminations, femicides, infanticides, selective femicides, selective infanticides, etc. with the aggravating factors being cruelty and gratuity.

Yahweh, that monster Yahweh, is proud of the good and the just. But who are these people, the good and the just, in his opinion? You won’t believe this, dear Reader, but the good and the just are those who follow his will and his orders to the letter (I can’t help thinking, overlooking fascists and other despots, of certain political “leaders” who surround themselves with yes men who follow their orders unequivocally). Biglino comments that, according to this principle, the good and the just are those who slaughter women and children, old and young, guilty and innocent. This is Yahweh’s idea of good and just. In other words, they are deemed to be good and just exactly because they have followed orders to exterminate, to commit genocide and massacres.

Yahweh did not tolerate, neither did he want cripples to serve him in his house. He despised people who had physical or health problems: people with speech impairments, the blind, the lame, any kind of deformity, these he didn’t want about him (how different Lourdes, it makes me think).

Yahweh is neither a transcendental god, nor omnipotent, omniscient, nor is he a spiritual god, just not a god, to put it bluntly. Yahweh was only a predator, a soldier, a master, boss, killer, somebody who amassed more and more wealth and became more and more powerful by robbing and killing others. This was Yahweh, the God of the Holy Bible.

At this point, I can’t help wondering how come theologists, philosophers, philologers, scientists, academics, priests, monks, commentators, intellectuals all over Europe and beyond, and in particular Italian intellectuals (and the Pope is often more Italian than the Italians), how come none of these, who are in the habit of thinking about everything, of understanding, seeing, intuiting everything, how come none of them has ever thought/intuited that the Bible was, or could be, only an instrument with which to manipulate humanity? How come they never suspected that it perhaps hadn’t been translated from the Hebrew correctly? In two thousand years of history, is it really possible that none of them, of these great geniuses, has ever discovered this deception of the whole of mankind? Are they all ignorant or are they all bought either by the Church or by other despots of their epoch?

And the Jews who knew this, why have they never denounced this falsity, this deception, this charlatanism, this ignominy committed against the populations of the world, this insult to humanity? Why have they never denounced the Christians (who have not exactly been kind to the Jews throughout history!) who translated their Bible incorrectly with the single aim of tricking, exploiting and instrumentalising the population? Why on earth didn’t they raise the alarm, those that knew?

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