The inexistence of God: a deception of humanity which lasted thousands of years – 4 posts, the second


In principle, God didn’t create either the heavens or the earth, but it was the Elohim, or those of them who made cultivatable fields from areas where there was water and sand,

Mauro Biglino


Mauro Biglino says: “I don’t speak about God because the Bible doesn’t speak about God. In Hebrew, there isn’t even a word to express God. The holy scripts which indicate God don’t even have a term for God.

“In order to study the Old Testament, it would take geneticists, palaeontologists, scientists in general, historians, philologists, anthropologists, psychologists, linguists, but those who shouldn’t study it are the “theologists”!

“The Bible is one of the many books which have been written by humans throughout their long history, and as with all history books, it contains parts which are true, parts which are false, parts have been expunged, parts have been re-written, underlined, added, turned into hyperbole. The Bible (as a history book) talks about an individual who is transformed into God.

“I don’t bother with the existence of God, because I know that, if I did, I would reach the end of my days never having found a satisfying answer, so I prefer not to waste my time.”

These are some sentences taken from the book “La Bibbia non parla di Dio, uno studio rivoluzionario sull’Antico Testamento”, (The Bible doesn’t speak about God: a revolutionary study of the Old Testament), published by Mondadori.

“The terms translated in the Old Testament with the word “God” are the following: Elyon, Elohim, El, Eloah, Yahweh (Adonai),” page 37. So, dear Reader, it’s up to you to choose which god you want, because as you can see, you’re spoilt for choice.

“Noah had three sons: Sem, Cam and Jafet. Sem (as the head of the Semites) is the ancestor of numerous families, amongst these the Ever family, from which the Ivriim are descended, in other words, the Hebrews,” page 72. The original Hebrews were called “Ivriim” and the “Semites” took their name from Noah’s son, Sem.

“… the terms “monotheism” and “polytheism” are both incorrect: the concept of “theism”, which is typically Hellenist (or Greek), does not exist,” page 113. So it’s not only the main character who is missing from the Bible story, but the concept does not even exist.

“Yahweh was one of the many Elohim interested in settling in that area, and as he wasn’t God, he had to compete with his foes using the forces which at that time were under the orders of Joshua, the successor of Moses,” page 114. Yahweh, therefore, was a member of the Elohim family, who were all interested in getting rich by killing, robbing, destroying and occupying land which didn’t belong to them.

Biglino continues in the same book: “The term Elohim does not mean God; Elohim were real people of flesh and blood; the Elohim had sexual relations with the Adam females and procreated; the Elohim divided the land amongst themselves according to decisions taken by their commander, Elyon; Yahweh was one of the many Elohim operating in the middle Eastern theatre,” page 119. These sentences are a comment upon the fact that Yahweh was a member of a family of a land-robbing, murdering population.

“To bless somebody meant essentially to transmit goods and material necessary for the pursuance of the object for which the blessing was given,” page 120. A blessing was nothing to do with anything spiritual, the author goes on to explain.

“Yahweh prohibits descendants of Jacob to have relations with women belonging to other family lineages,” page 127.

I will stop here, as I haven’t gone any further with my reading.

The Bible: a work in progress. It is the book which has been the most written and re-written in all the world. The Author, in other words, God, didn’t make a very good job of it. However, he was God! In fact, during more than two thousand years of history, it has been altered an uncounted number of times, this Holy Scripture, and every time it was re-written, it was always modified to meet the historical and cultural demands of the period, and the historical and cultural demands of the moment were always the same: exorcising, manipulating and exploitation of the population to the ultimate degree. That is the reason for and the purpose of continually changing the words, deleting sentences, or entire parts, adding others, altering the content, and then interpretations of interpretations of interpretations without end. Thus, the authors of this dirty book were giving a hand to help finish God’s unfinished work! Which in its essence, is always the same: the consolidation of the difference between the rulers and the ruled, with his blessing!

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