The non existence of God: a deception against humanity that lasted for millennia – 4 posts, the first *

In the beginning God created neither heaven nor earth, but it was Elohim, or whom for them, who modified a piece of land where there was water and sand,       Mauro Biglino

It was inevitable that sooner or later this would happen. All the most intelligent men and genius of the Earth have always supported the idea of the non-existence of God, always said and written that his existence was due to our ignorance, our fear of death and the wickedness of some men who, in one way or in another, intend to exploit and take advantage of their fellow men.

Today this truth is blown definitively out. In fact, God does not exist, God never existed, God is not a hidden planet, is not an atom, a particle, is not an object that we can see and touch, is not even spirit or something transcendent, God is a lie, an invention, and an invention is not like a discovery, not like Columbus’s discovering America or Einstein’s general relativity: God is only cheat, fraud, greediness, will to power and, above all, human stupidity.

The discoverer of this gigantic scam is Mauro Biglino, a philologist and a translator of the Bible. At the start of this sad truth he was skeptical, could not believe it, couldn’t convince himself that what he was seeing, reading, translating (he was translating the Hebrew Bible into the Christian one), were true, that those Hebrew characters were telling the truth. But then, finally, he had to yield to the weight of evidence, to the reality of what he read and his eyes were seeing: the Old Testament spoke of everything except of the existence of God; in the Old Testament God doesn’t exist, his name, “God”, you don’t find it in the whole Holy Bible, just doesn’t exist,  and the one who is named God, that is Yahweh, is the most treacherous and evil man on Earth, that is what writes Mauro Biglino.

I came to know Mauro Biglino, thanks to my dear friend and student, Armando Amatista who, after telling me about him, he lent me some of his essays and the DVD “The invention of God” that I, after listening, I bought it along with one of his books, “the Bible does not speak of God.” I don’t know much about this author, nor have I read a lot of his work. He published many books on this biblical subject, 17 by Edizioni San Paolo, all of them addressed, not to ordinary believers and readers, but to theologians, university professors and experts. Therefore, what I say here about him, and I apologize in advance if there will be some errors in my interpretation, and surely there will be, but unwanted, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr Mauro Biglino says that in the Bible there are two interpretations, the first is that of the Elohim (Elohim has nothing to do with God and is a plural noun and not a singular one, and it means “men of war”, aliens or whatever they are) and the Jews; the second is that of domination of people. We are more interested in the latter version, the one in which the Holy Book is not, in reality, a holy book, but an instrument of social control and of people conditioning.

In what follows there is what we read in the Bible, not in the Christian Bible, but in the Jews Bible. I would like also to point out that when Biglino says that “in the Bible, in the Holy Bible, there is no God”, he’s is not an opinion, is a fact, is science: in the Bible there is no God, and Yahweh is not God, it’s just an untranslatable name.

Mauro Biglino writes:

In the Bible there is not a single line, not only one which is known who has written it

In the Hebrew Bible there is no God

In the Bible there is no creation

The Bible is a book of war, ethnic cleansing

The wars of femicide, extermination, genocide in the Bible are holy defined

The Bible is not a holy book

In the Bible the word “eternity” doesn’t exist

The Bible is a book of domination

Yahweh (God) is a man of war

From the thirteenth to the nineteenth century it was forbidden to the people to read the Bible

In the Bible the word “love” doesn’t exist

The Bible speaks also of aliens

The Bible does not speak of God

The Bible is a book of indoctrination

Adam and Eve are not the progenitors of mankind

Adam and Eve had not committed the original sin

Heaven does not exist: the name paradise ‘pairidaeza’ … it means walled orchard, gardens of the Persian kings … Xenophon translated in greek ‘pairidaeza’ in ‘paradeisos’, enclosed place …

In the Bible there is neither the mystery of God, nor the mystery of faith

The Bible has been able to build a system of slavery in which the slaves themselves are defending their masters and exploiters

The Bible is everything except a book inspired by God

The Bible is a book of indoctrination and mass conditioning

A religion becomes a religion only when it is closely linked to the secular power with which it shares the control of the people

The Bible is against women

The Bible is a male-dominated monotheism

The Bible has deceived mankind


If you have a Bible at home, reader, know that all the above mentioned words that you will find in it, they are invented words, misleading words, written with the sole purpose of cheating men, one’s fellow brothers. Another meaning these words do not have, or ever have had.

The work of Mauro Biglino, a linguist and philologist, is a real revolution for all of those who base their christian belief on the Bible, since, the Bible, is a book that has nothing to do with religion, it’s a book of war, of killing, of crimes, in short, talks about everything except of God: this is the Bible.

I would like like to make it clear and not to be misunderstood: in all this business my only interest is the truth, the real truth, because only the truth could make better uman beings.

If you believe in what you’ve just read, then share this post with as many people and groups as you like. Thank you.

*          I apologize for the mistakes. I would have loved to have the time to translate it as correctly as I could, but unfortunately I don’t have it. You can say, then do not translate it. Sure, I could do so, but I only think that this revelation could interest other people, and since I love people, I respect people, I see them as human beings, as brothers and not as objects to exploit, so I try, for what I can, to inform them about what I think they ought to know. It’s in this spirit that I dare to publish these posts even if they are not written in a parfect English.

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