The transparent universe


A cosmic awareness

gives us a healthy and full idea

how the universe is concretely made

and not as we want it to be”!


With this post, friends of Facebook, of Twitter and of the Web, I will give you the whole universe and forever. Do you think, maybe, that I’m crazy telling you this? At all! Read this article first and then decide if I am crazy or you, perhaps, a bit surprised by this argument!

Let’s begin:

This post could make some chattering, not noises created by numbers, equations, particles, quants, none of this stuff, but real chattering or, if you want, noises of species, of planets, of the solar system, of galaxies and, finally, cosmic noises, noises never heard before and much less will be heard in the future, they are, putting all of them together, a unique murmuring universal sound in the background.

Our universe, finally!, has become transparent, all crystal clear, there are no more mysteries about it, a single and universal mirror. In fact, once we know that our universe has a metaphysical background, that it has a beginning and an end, and from its first particle to the last of which it is composed, scientifically speaking, is pure irrationality. In short, once we have taken consciously a realistic picture of our universe, then we can say that we understand who we are and the world and the universe in which we live.

The temporary, in this cosmic reality, doesn’t exist, it is out of the game for the wise minds and, to quote Emil Cioran when he says in his book “Fall into time”: “Others fall into time; I, on the other hand, have fallen out of time”. What does the Romanian-Parisian anti-philosopher means by this? That others live in time and believe in the present and the future; he, on the other hand, having fallen out of time, this no longer concerns him, he is out of its reach, so he is out of time, he lives in the past, as if everything that has happened and will happen over time has already happened for him.

So I, when I speak of “The transparent universe”, I mean a realistic and total knowledge of the universe, including its beginning and its end. Then, as Cioran fell out of time, so I fell out of the universe. Once in the empty space, I sail into the void and I became the ghost of a temporary universe and, in the end, of a universe that no longer exists, but the ghost will remain there, in the space, as an invisible witness of a universe that may will be born  again or may not, and this forever.

This idea, like those two that come before the big bang, these three ideas then, and more precisely the first: “Before and beyond the Big Bang or (the nothingness of nothingness) and the beginning of the universe”, the second: “The 4 pillars that support the cosmic building”, and the third “The transparent universe”, these three ideas were missing in our culture just as light, gravity and life could have been missing in our Planet and they, instead, are the proof of our total knowledge of the cosmos in the physical and metaphysical sense.

There is nothing else, dear readers. Here is for you the whole universe in its, probably, eternal repetition. I might seem to be a little arrogant and expect too much in the field of knowledge and wisdom, but I’m not an arrogant person, and if there are people who aren’t agree with my definition of the universe, I can’t help it. I can only say that that I was a lucky man and my dream has become true. From now on, all I have left to live, is more than I had thought.


Having said that, if you found the article interesting, spread the word, send it to whoever you want, even to magazines and newspapers, obviously leaving my name and my copyright, thank you!

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