This is not my Denmark

My Denmark is the Denmark I new as a student, a teacher; my Denmark is the Danmark of love, of the language, of culture, landscape, people, the people I knew when I was there, wonderful beautiful people, this is my Denmark that still today I carry warmly in my heart and clearly in my mind, and not that of this horrible crime, a crime to say the least monstrous and inhuman. But I do not think that has to do with the Danish people, I do not think so at all, this beastly crime has to do with some crazy and deranged persons who should be brought all of them before the bar and pay for their abominable and grotesque murder: the giraffe Marius and the lions killed were no less than human beings, not for me anyway.

Shakespeare was right in Hamlet, when he wrote: “Something is rotten in the kingdom of Denmark.” Alas, after so many centuries, the phenomenon has not yet been eliminated!

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