The universe as it is and not as we want it to be in 10 images (1)


First picture of the universe


For all those who love,

not lies told by interested parties

from millennia to millennia

but for all those who love truth and reality.


Let’s see, for an instant, all the phenomena that make up the entire universe, not the way we want to see them, but for what they really are: things without names, naked and rudimentary objects in an immense vacuum. This is their reality. Seeing them so, how would they appear to us? They would appear as lifeless matter, blind bodies, bodies big and small, strong and weak, bare and barren, of long and short duration. In short, blind bodies and nothing else.

The universe, when we see it as it is, we realize that it is only a mixture of bodies of all imaginable and unimaginable dimensions, structures, properties, bodies and bodies ourselves. Voilà its reality: a mass of objects, of phenomena, of wonders and nightmares, nothing more, nothing less than a mass of physical elements that roar chaotically in an infinite vacuum, crashing blindly against one another and, in the end, they destroy themselves by losing and disintegrating in the immensity they are in. This is our universe and this is also its ultimate truth and reality.

Someone of you may say: “It’s not true that the universe is only a mass of physical objects and nothing more. It’s enough to take us with our creativity, thoughts, believes, cultures, to demonstrate that what you just said is wrong”.

To this remark I would reply by saying that, if we see this lifeless mass of objects that constitute the whole universe only in the short run, then the remark is correct. Correct, of course, up to a certain point, since all the values we gave to the universe are not its, are ours, we gave them to it. Instead, if we see this mass of objects that constitute the whole universe in the long run, in millions and billions of years, then we realize that we, for this mass of objects constantly in collision with one another, we are for them only momentary dust, pus, itch, disease, rubbish or, if you want, why not, a momentary decoration and nothing else.

In the next post, the second.


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