The universe in the pocket or All what you need to know about it (2)


An idea, to be valid, must start from somewhere. I start from nothingness of nothingness, which seems to be, in fact, exactly nothingness of nothingness that gave way to the life of all the phenomena in the universe, and this is a good idea and a good base to start our discussion.

Nothingness of nothingness is the true beginning of the universe. A metaphysical basis, but this metaphysical basis is inevitable in order to support and understand the reality that surrounds us. There are no other stories here, this is the Story and the History of our universe. Before it there was nothing or an empty huge void without anything. How could I describe this void? It can be seen from all sides as an immense and infinite space, or as small as the tip of a pin. This tip, over the years and centuries, transforms itself, randomly, but transforms itself into a particle, a very tiny particle and the void is no longer empty. Something now inhabits it. This first particle, like the DNA cells and genes that double, also this particle doubles and transforms itself constantly. Some say in strings, others in quanti (particles), others in quarks and still others in protons, neutrons, atoms. Meanwhile billions and billions of years have passed since its start and the void has become full and become so full to create the suitable and sufficient material to produce a nuclear reaction and finally generate the Big Bang. This, the Big Bang, in a flash of time, filled a part of the void with matter, and this matter today is full of what we call planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, white holes and other phenomena. Voilà the base, the beginning, the birth and the evolution of the universe. Of course, there are other versions of the beginning of the universe, but they are not scientifically and philosophically convincing, much less rationally, they could be seen only as mythological stuff.

The nothingness of nothingness, then? Well, after all nobody can prevent us from seeing it as something and, in fact, something is: it is the nothingness of nothingness! This conceptual phenomenon comes before any other. Without it, nothing would have existed, nothing at all. The “All” and the “Nothing” nestle in the “nothingness of nothingness”. The All and the Nothing are our first and last reality. We are the Whole and the Nothing in this sense: once we are transformed from nothing to everything and another from everything to nothing. If we have a body, a head, a brain, a thought, we owe it to them: to the All and the Nothing. Without them, no universe, no solar system, no earth, no species and of any kind. All and Nothing, with the capital A and N, therefore, are our being, our body and our way of thinking and also the Theory of Everything for those who need it.

My goal, in these 10 posts is to conquer the spirit and the heart of the phenomenon of phenomena: the Universe in its Totality. How? I’m proving it post after post.

I want to know the reality of this mass of objects thrown everywhere in space. This is all I want to know. I’ve always wanted it. Perhaps, to create a work of this kind, it takes a touch of madness, of that phenomenon that pushes us relentlessly towards the deepest abyss of space and knowledge. knowledge, in fact, has something in common with the first particle, the two complement each other: no particle, no knowledge and vice versa. Thus, when we push ourselves into the infinite abyss of matter and the nothingness of nothingness, all the means of knowledge come together in a single point: to make the universe transparent with a cosmic illumination enclosed in a single spark and we, creatures aware of ourselves and of what surrounds us, we are this spark that illuminates and sees everything. Poetry, hallucinations, madness, you say. No, I answer, Science with a capital S.



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