The universe in the pocket or all what you need to know about it


Most scientists

They always start their studies

From the existing universe

But they never wondered

What happened there

Before the existing universe

Since the universe


Didn’t start with the big bang.

“Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’ , where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world”.


A short announcement 

I diluted 4 pages written on “The universe in the pocket” in 10 posts. I hope, if my forces allow me, to publish them on Facebook, every other day a post in Italian and a post in English.

In these 10 posts I would like to sketch the history of the universe from its origins to its end. The knowledge of our origins, since man became aware of his life, has never stopped searching for them. Throughout history the best heads have spoken and written of cooked and raw in this subject, they have made bloodbaths fighting for this and for that origin and, even today, this idea sows deaths and mental confusions in every corner of the Earth.

I don’t know how to say it without being taken for a fool or an arrogant, but I do know that we, the homo species, cannot live in a world we don’t know, not in serenity, however. I know this. My endeavor in this work is this: since the old science couldn’t give an answer to this important question and not even the new one, but, someone, sooner or later, must do it. I did it myself.

My intention on what I am about to write is to make my concept of the universe easier to understand. I would start by describing it in an evolutionary way. Not in a biological way like the Darwinian one, but in a physical way starting from Nothingness of Nothingness, then with the first particle, then with all the other metamorphoses that took place along evolution up to the Big Bang, then, after the Big Bang, with the first star, the first galaxy, the first supernova, the Solar System, the Earth, the seas, life, species and, finally, the human creature. After all, we are what we think and what we think is not ours, it belongs to the universe that created the elements for us to be.

We are, in short, a miniature of the universe, a physical, conscious, human universe. All the elements that make up our body are found in the universe. And what does this mean? It means that we can understand it as we understand our mother: we come into the world from its womb. In short, the universe is just a little bigger than us physically, that’s all!

Here is the demonstration. Thinking with our mind, we can, in a matter of seconds, travel to the Big Bang, to the First Particle, to Nothingness of Nothingness. Why? Because our roots are there and we remain in contact with everything that has proceeded us in an abstract, physical and biological way.

In short, the lord universe is just a little bigger than us physically, that’s all!

Jacques Monod’s theory of “Chance and Necessity”, which fits perfectly with Darwinian evolutionary theory, could also be applied to the theory of the universe starting from the Nothingness of Nothingness and reaching us. Here, however, in this theory, it is not the biological species that arrive on the terrestrial screen by chance and affirm themselves by necessity, here we are dealing with physical phenomena that are realized in the universe by chance and affirm themselves by necessity starting from their relative mass.

My theory on the evolution of the universe cannot be falsified. Here I recall the concept of Karl Popper. To falsify it, it would be necessary to demonstrate that another concept such as, the All of the All is opposed to Nothingness of Nothingness, only this could falsify it, but until we find that at the beginning there was the All of the All we cannot falsify it and, therefore, it will remain a full-fledged science, just as until a white raven is found, the concept of the black raven will remain so. Of course, one could always say: “Before there was the previous universe, therefore, the All of the All”. Well, then another might say: “Before the black crow there was the white crow”, and so on. It would never end.

In Darwin’s theory, chance and necessity guide the winning species; in the Big Bang theory, the physical phenomena scattered throughout the universe born from the Big Bang. In my theory of the beginning of the universe, starting from Nothingness of Nothingness and arriving at the Big Bang, it is all an abstract, logical reasoning and can only be denied with another abstract, logical and more truthful reasoning than mine. Before the Big Bang, however, there is no place for science as we know it today. It is a hermetically sealed world. To enter it, first you need to have a good knowledge of the universe born from the Big Bang and then, and only then, with induction, deduction, reason, abstract but actually concrete science have free entry into the world born from the first particle and reaching the Big Bang event. Those who lack these prerogatives, will remain outside.

And then, we can also put it like this, who could ever go beyond the Big Bang and then to the Nothingness of Nothingness? The chances of falsifying the concept of Nothingness of Nothingness, both logically and scientifically, are almost non-existent. They can be falsified from the first to the last mythological concept, but the Nothingness of Nothingness can’t be falsified. This, the Nothingness of Nothingness, can be considered in good hands and also considered the indispensable basis of the universe.

The article you are reading is divided in 10 posts. With this article I give to the whole of humanity, and I don’t want to sound arrogant, the beginning and the end of the universe, not fantastically, not mythologically, not for how the science manuals describe it and not even for how the eaters of numbers and equations want it ( it is not my intention to offend these gentlemen, but I leave them the interpretation they want to give to my words ), but with a real start and a real end. The life of mankind and of every other species on Earth and in the Great Whole, is played out on this landscape, others are but don’t exist.

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There are three more posts to come

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