il-paese-delle-meraviglieItaly: a real marvelous country

“Guglielmini asked the employee:Doesnt the bank want to know what kind of business Id like to start?

He answered:No, the bank only wants to know if you have enough money to pay if your project goes to pieces. If you want, for what concerns the bank, you can open a bar even on the top of Mount Everest!”


Dear Francis,

How can I even want to live in the marvelous country after reading your book? I feel discouraged even if I am not that pessimist as Orazio (Guglielmini), but I have to admit that your description of events is true and I agree with your interpretation.

So, I must say that I really enjoyed reading the marvelous contry, but at the same time I also must say that I am no longer happy of my country. Is there no solution?

–  my brother lives in Nottingham since 1970. He left Italy when he was 20 years old. Married with four kids and now that his business is about to close he comes to Italy 2 or 3 times a year and every time he criticizes our way of life, our relationship with one another, and every institution. –

So why should I stand up and love my country?

Maybe everyone has some flaws, perhaps you wanted to emphasize more than its due but at the end our civilization, compared to others, defines itself thanks to a sequence of bad behaviors like those of Sir Ciappelletto, that doesnt honor us in any way.

Adolfo Marconetto