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Charlie Gard, so young and yet so known in the whole world

  This story has now exceeded every limit. But, then, who tells us, that it is not an all dirty game to cheat people, to abuse them of their sentimental feelings? And not only. Who gets the advantages in this discriminatory and suspicious story? Let’s see. 1)      Newspapers, magazines, TV, web, etc. 2)      The Brexit.

Deutsche Bank

  There is something rotten in the soul and in the heart, therefore in the brain of the german people. Before the Volkswagen scandal and now the Deutsche Bank scandal. Writes The Guardian:“The markets are fixated on the possible options for Deutsche Bank as it faces the prospect of a $14bn (£10.5bn) penalty from the

The mega-billionaire Bill Gates is a philanthropist or a shrewd capitalist?

And in any case it’s grotesque, a real mockery, a slap in the face to the human race, and that if we reflect for a moment, and we have too! By what right, “human right!”, whatever it means, by what human right this gentleman, Mr Bill Gates, were it not that the laws, the absurd

This is not my Denmark

My Denmark is the Denmark I new as a student, a teacher; my Denmark is the Danmark of love, of the language, of culture, landscape, people, the people I knew when I was there, wonderful beautiful people, this is my Denmark that still today I carry warmly in my heart and clearly in my mind,

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and the “Royal blood”

(I’m sorry if the translation is not perfect, I only hope it is understandable, thank you) Not yet born and is a star already. Just born, a super star. She will become, when she’s an adult, a goddess and as such will admire the destruction of countries like Iraq from those who have always beaten

“Can’t breathe”

A man, a human being, one of our species, one of our brothers, one of our felow creatures, a coloured person, one who feels, understands, hears, sees, loves, brief, a negro, a negro screams with pain and fear, but no one listens to him, he continues to scream, to cry, to mumble because he is

Our political world is hitlerian

Israelis (surely not all) are certainly very pleased, rather I would say that they are very happy of the massacre and the total destruction of Gaza (after the battle of Warsaw in 1939, the polish city wasn’t a heap of rubble as it is today the Palestinian town). Not even Hitler could have done better

Abraham, Isaac, God and the Palestinians and the Israelis

Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son in order to show his obedience to Jahvè. Therefore, we may say that that the wolf loses his fur but not his habits. What I want to say is: what if the 3 Israeli teenagers had not been killed intentionally by Palestinians nationalists? What if the 3

The monarchies today

But what sense do they have? What sense still have today the monarchies (Spanish, English, Syrian, etc.), when we all know that their hands, historically speaking, bleed with every imaginable and unimaginable crime? What else are they if not impostors and the highest representatives of selfishness in our political system? Their presence, however, in our

Putin, the new Czar of Russia

Indeed, and if Putin wants to reassemble the old Russia? All normal for a man like him: ambitious, reckless, decided, unconscious, challenging. Who challenges? America first of all. Here’s how it works the whole thing in his head: I, Vladimir Putin, Russian, basically a nothing and nothing I have to lose in all of this

Nelson Mandela: a puppet in the hands of power or a revolutionary like Che?

Perhaps neither the one nor the other or maybe both, or perhaps a puppet in the clutches of power. Can a man, we wonder, can a man, having spent 27 years in prison, who suffered brutality and inhuman violence by his enemies, a man who no longer has even the tears to cry at the

An author in search of a Publisher

I am italian. Mine is a literature born from experience, no less than that of Primo Levi, born in the concentration camps; no less than that of Henri Charrière, born in the Lager of the French Guiana; no less than that of Gavino Ledda, born in a tragic poverty and under the brutal bestiality of

New Year’s dream

And why not? To dream, for example, style Dumas: one for all and all for one! Nice this dream, isn’t it? If only we could realize it! Not a chance, it’s just a dream. The reality is another, the reality is that: At this precise moment, all over the planet, millions of children, adults and

If this is a people

More concretely, when a country has: 1            the most unable and disastrous politicians in the world 2            the most false and cheat religion in the world 3            the most tough and ferocious mafia in the world 4            the most rooted and fierce fascism in the world 5            the most retrograde and robbers industrial in the

Looking for a translator gratis

I just can’t allow myself to pay one. If there is somebody who has the vocation of working for free, like me, because I too work without being paid, then he or she is welcome. And anyway sometimes one can sacrifice himself for a good cause, assuming that translating my work from Italian into English

Benedict XVI debuts on Twitter

Great! Pope Ratzigner on Internet! A day to remember! In short, this event is another insult, first to Italy, then to Europe and then to the whole world, and this regardless of the fact that everybody has the right to freedom of speech, and the pope too, of course. It’s unbelievable that today, today in

Who are the real prostitutes?

First it should be pointed out that there are many types of prostitution, perhaps as many as there are men and women on Earth. Prostitution is a human phenomenon: animals don’t prostitute themselves, but human beings do. Throughout our history we have done nothing but construct a culture of prostitution for ourselves. Our social equilibrium

Politicians at home! Les politiques à la maison! I politici a casa!

Only the workers must manage their sweat Only the workers can manage their sweat No one else can do it for them Only they know the price of the bread they eat. Agents, cops!

For a perennial philosophy

Saturday, 10 November, 2012, at 6 pm, Giovannacci’s bookshop, Italia street 14, Biella, I will present my latest book, “For a perennial philosophy or journey into virtual and physical immortality.” One of the many questions that is near to our heart is: does immortality existe? If the topic interestes you, you’re welcome. Thank you.  

Religion, science and the hurricane Sandy

Take, as an example, what is happening these days in America, take hurricane Sandy. To recognize his formation, his destructive violence, fury and try to see and avoid the negative consequences on the population was science, meteorological science. And so, thanks to it, if the dead, instead of being many, possibly millions, are reduced to


Violence? Okay, violence then. The first question is who creates violence? The answer to this question is easy: the powerful men. Who pushes the people to violence? Injustice. And who creates injustice? The powerful men. Clear enough? Ok then. Then, it’s a vicious circle. In other words, the queen, the pope, the States, the capitalism,

We live in a cosmic coffin

  We do not live in the best of possible worlds, as the philosopher Leibniz liked to think, nor do we live in a paradisiacal world and nowadays we know this only too well, thanks to science. We don’t even live in an open space, as experts, cosmologists, physicists, etc. would have us believe, but

Religion, politics and literature

What to say? Only that that I don’t agree with Mr Kenan Mal when he puts together, and nearly on the same level, religion, politics and literature. Not at all! There is much difference among them. The first two, religion and politics, like them or not, they have a great impact on our lives, they

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian killer

It must be clear from the start, I have no liking towards the nazi and murder Anders Behring Breivik, quite the opposite, mine is only a question, a question that begs understanding and not accusing. I would have liked to know if Anders Behring Breivik has done what he has done, that is mass killing,

A writer in search of an editor

On account of its State and Church-sponsored publishing, Italy finds itself in sixty-ninth place out of all the countries in the world with regard to free thought. The writers of this mentally castrated country, who should have been its torch and driving force, and who, with a few exceptions, have contacts in the right places

Justice or/and bunga bunga?

The law, Rossi? Never esisted. Not in our country, anyway. In our country only exists the law made to protect the crimes of the rich and the powerful, other law doesn’t exist. Are you laughing? You shouldn’t my friend. The matter is as much absurd as dramatic. It’s so. No, doesnt exist in this country

Letter to a greek friend

So do I, Joanna. I too support the greek people. Adriano Celentano, among lots on nonsense that he said at Sanremo’s Festival, he said also something good and I am glad for this. I agree with him about the fact that Germany and France obliged the greek rules, indifferent of the fact that the people