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If these are human beings

Anyone -black, white, yellow, creole- who believes he is a human being has a duty to denounce injustices, abuses, fraud; to denounce tyrants and especially those who purport to act in the interests of the people but in actual fact exploit the people. You have to fight for your rights with drawn swords, fight for

Religion, politics and literature

What to say? Only that that I don’t agree with Mr Kenan Mal when he puts together, and nearly on the same level, religion, politics and literature. Not at all! There is much difference among them. The first two, religion and politics, like them or not, they have a great impact on our lives, they

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian killer

It must be clear from the start, I have no liking towards the nazi and murder Anders Behring Breivik, quite the opposite, mine is only a question, a question that begs understanding and not accusing. I would have liked to know if Anders Behring Breivik has done what he has done, that is mass killing,