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To die as a Christian is to die against nature *

  If the Christian religion were true, I would be the first to embrace it. It is not. It is false. It is unnatural and anti-human. God doesn’t exist, and all believers and non-believers know it. Christ is fiction, like Don Quixote and Madame Bovary. The Madonna is a ridiculous invention.

The Cristocatto Church

It’s a very simple argument really for anyone  who wants to understand. It is obvious that if God is dead ( see  last Sunday’s blog post: “God is dead”), if God does not exist and has never existed, then God is a lie. Perhaps it didn’t seem to be a lie to our ancestors at

God is dead

Is that what Nietzsche says? Yes, that’s what Nietzsche , the German philosopher, says. In his opinion God is dead, and in your opinion? I see it differently. In what way? To begin with, in order to die you have to be born first, and this functions for God, man and any other species, plant,