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The mega-billionaire Bill Gates is a philanthropist or a shrewd capitalist?

And in any case it’s grotesque, a real mockery, a slap in the face to the human race, and that if we reflect for a moment, and we have too! By what right, “human right!”, whatever it means, by what human right this gentleman, Mr Bill Gates, were it not that the laws, the absurd

If these are human beings

Anyone -black, white, yellow, creole- who believes he is a human being has a duty to denounce injustices, abuses, fraud; to denounce tyrants and especially those who purport to act in the interests of the people but in actual fact exploit the people. You have to fight for your rights with drawn swords, fight for

The predator State at a glance

In the past, the Church and the State vied for power, mostly using the sword: sometimes “he” ruled, others “she” ruled, or at times they ruled together. Today, however, both the Church and the State, are reduced to the role of  guard dogs of capitalism: the Church deceived the “flock” with false hope and empty