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How to be cured from religion

  I read the Bible, almost from top to bottom, in French, English and Italian. When I read it in English, I was in Australia, in Melbourne, and I remember very well that I found the reading full of things that I didn’t find them mentally digestible, reasonable, human. Anyone who has read this book,

Physics as a spiritual exercise

  Our brains have three main ways of thinking, at least that’s what anthropologists say: instinctive, rational and meditative. The first is fastest, the second is the most reflective and the third the most contemplative. To give examples, we could say that the first, instinctive thought, is natural, we cannot steer it, we do not

Benedict XVI debuts on Twitter

Great! Pope Ratzigner on Internet! A day to remember! In short, this event is another insult, first to Italy, then to Europe and then to the whole world, and this regardless of the fact that everybody has the right to freedom of speech, and the pope too, of course. It’s unbelievable that today, today in

The Manifesto of Horace Guglielmini

The manifesto of Orazio Guglielmini can easily be deduced from Guglielmini’s “Testament”, thus very briefly: As long as there exists even one politician or one priest on earth, mankind will not find peace. The  political-existential testament of Guglielmini is sealed in four books: “The Divine Indifference” “The Predator State” “Has Life Meaning?” “The Wonderland” The