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Be The Architect of Your Life

“The Art of Living” Only while alive, Rossi, in this life, can we find meaning. When we are the architects of our own lives, we feel involved in something wonderful: we are living and writing our own history, we are the protagonists of ourselves. Our life is not fiction, not fantasy, but reality. We own

How to enhance and make the most of life

Thoughts of Orace Guglielmini    The brutal question: what do we seek in life? The simple answer: Meaning. Fundamental meaning for all our actions.  Without meaning in our lives, we are like a vehicle without fuel. Clear enough? Well then, it is meaning which we seek. How? Where? Briefly, along five paths. On the first

Italian author looks for English publisher

I am Francis. I was born in 1942 in South Italy. At nine I started to work. At sixteen I left South Italy. From sixteen to thirty I worked and studied. At thirty I found my first decent job: I was employed as a guide in a travelling agency in Paris. From then on my