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Putin, the new Czar of Russia

Indeed, and if Putin wants to reassemble the old Russia? All normal for a man like him: ambitious, reckless, decided, unconscious, challenging. Who challenges? America first of all. Here’s how it works the whole thing in his head: I, Vladimir Putin, Russian, basically a nothing and nothing I have to lose in all of this

The UN must disappear from the Earth

It is an organisation of “save States” and not of “save peoples”. The peoples, these State predators put together, exploit them and on the other side protect themselves, i.e. protect liberalism, capitalism, legalized exploitation and their own interests, voilà what really is the Organization of the United Nations. Each UN Member eats on the back

The Culture of Violence

With its unmistakable identity, violence is both the essence and origin of politics. It is the proclivity of despots, those in power, to use violence towards those without power. It’s no good pulling the wool over our eyes telling lies to ourselves, we all know very well how things really are, we know that true