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The Wonderland at a glance

Leonardo da Vinci has taught us that we cannot love anything until we understand it. “Nothing,” he says, “can be loved or despised without first having knowledge of it. Love grows from a great knowledge of the object of desire, and if one has only a little knowledge, then one can only love a little,

Has Life Meaning at a glance

How many of our ancestors through the centuries, have asked this question? Surely not many. Until recently, one lived the life they lived, good or bad, one just just lived. Today views have changed. The values ​​of the past – the belief of design, in destiny, in the homeland, the monarchy, rulers, the family, ideologies

The predator State at a glance

In the past, the Church and the State vied for power, mostly using the sword: sometimes “he” ruled, others “she” ruled, or at times they ruled together. Today, however, both the Church and the State, are reduced to the role of  guard dogs of capitalism: the Church deceived the “flock” with false hope and empty

Be The Architect of Your Life

“The Art of Living” Only while alive, Rossi, in this life, can we find meaning. When we are the architects of our own lives, we feel involved in something wonderful: we are living and writing our own history, we are the protagonists of ourselves. Our life is not fiction, not fantasy, but reality. We own

How to enhance and make the most of life

Thoughts of Orace Guglielmini    The brutal question: what do we seek in life? The simple answer: Meaning. Fundamental meaning for all our actions.  Without meaning in our lives, we are like a vehicle without fuel. Clear enough? Well then, it is meaning which we seek. How? Where? Briefly, along five paths. On the first

Wild flowers, a novel

I am an italian writer ignored by the italian publishers. I surely write awful books. One of them, “Wild flowers”, a novel, I will publish it (unfortunately in Italian) on Internet in serial form. Thanks to all the courageous italian readers who, in spite of the warning, they will undertake the reading of “Wild flowers”.

The Manifesto of Horace Guglielmini

The manifesto of Orazio Guglielmini can easily be deduced from Guglielmini’s “Testament”, thus very briefly: As long as there exists even one politician or one priest on earth, mankind will not find peace. The  political-existential testament of Guglielmini is sealed in four books: “The Divine Indifference” “The Predator State” “Has Life Meaning?” “The Wonderland” The

One For All and All For One

This should be the motto of mankind – One for all and all for one -, but is it? No, it isn’t. At this precise moment, all over the planet, millions of children, adults and elderly people are dying of hunger: they are our brothers, they are similar to us and they too, like us,