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In praise of matter

In the end it’s all a question of matter, in the end it’s a game between enlightened brains and primitive brains; in the end everything is relative, a see-saw between these two extremes: enlightened brains and primitive brains. The rest exists, but it’s as though it didn’t exist. Or rather, it exists as a kind

Politicians at home! Les politiques à la maison! I politici a casa!

Only the workers must manage their sweat Only the workers can manage their sweat No one else can do it for them Only they know the price of the bread they eat. Agents, cops!

The most disastrous invention in the world

When mankind will discover that his greatest catastrophe was the invention of God; When he discovers that his deputies, the priests, are his worst enemies; When he discovers that his lack of progress in science and in love is due to “them”, the priests; When he discovers this, if ever he will discover this, then

For a perennial philosophy

Saturday, 10 November, 2012, at 6 pm, Giovannacci’s bookshop, Italia street 14, Biella, I will present my latest book, “For a perennial philosophy or journey into virtual and physical immortality.” One of the many questions that is near to our heart is: does immortality existe? If the topic interestes you, you’re welcome. Thank you.  

The Cristocatto Church

It’s a very simple argument really for anyone  who wants to understand. It is obvious that if God is dead ( see  last Sunday’s blog post: “God is dead”), if God does not exist and has never existed, then God is a lie. Perhaps it didn’t seem to be a lie to our ancestors at

God is dead

Is that what Nietzsche says? Yes, that’s what Nietzsche , the German philosopher, says. In his opinion God is dead, and in your opinion? I see it differently. In what way? To begin with, in order to die you have to be born first, and this functions for God, man and any other species, plant,

Religion, science and the hurricane Sandy

Take, as an example, what is happening these days in America, take hurricane Sandy. To recognize his formation, his destructive violence, fury and try to see and avoid the negative consequences on the population was science, meteorological science. And so, thanks to it, if the dead, instead of being many, possibly millions, are reduced to