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Deep space doesn’t exist it’s all nonsense

  Are we crazy? Do we mock ourselves? Do they take us all for idiots? There is no deep space. Space is infinite and in this mini niche that we occupy in the universe and in infinite space, it only makes chickens laugh to think of finding anything else around the Great Whole. Physically speaking,

The Cosmic Snail and the Mind

Science, do you mean real science? The one that says the end was Already in the beginning That’s what I mean. This is yet to be discovered. “Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’, where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something”; I publish my

“If”, “When” and “How” we’ll cease to exist

  The “if”: “We will cease really to exist?” The “when”: “When we’ll cease to exist?” The “how”: “How do we to cease to exist: burned, frozen, in a cosmic cataclysm, self-destroyed, how? “ Let’s start with the first, the “if”, and let’s eliminate it immediately from our mind. The if it’s rhetorical. There are

6 scenarios of the inevitable end of mankind

(I must excuse myself for the mistakes, but I hope that somebody could find equally the post interesting) 1          By human hand 2          By an eruption of a supervolcano 3          BY the impact with a meteorite 4          By the gamma rays from a supernova 5          Swallowed by a black hole