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“If”, “When” and “How” we’ll cease to exist

  The “if”: “We will cease really to exist?” The “when”: “When we’ll cease to exist?” The “how”: “How do we to cease to exist: burned, frozen, in a cosmic cataclysm, self-destroyed, how? “ Let’s start with the first, the “if”, and let’s eliminate it immediately from our mind. The if it’s rhetorical. There are

The leap

  When I was sixteen, resolute in the face of my mother’s objections, I went away, leaving my family, my animals, the place where I was born, and I set off for northern Italy. In Turin I slept in cold, dark, wretched garages, with snow on the roof and water dripping inside. Sometimes I lived

Italian author looks for English publisher

I am Francis. I was born in 1942 in South Italy. At nine I started to work. At sixteen I left South Italy. From sixteen to thirty I worked and studied. At thirty I found my first decent job: I was employed as a guide in a travelling agency in Paris. From then on my