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Ours: an enlightened barbaric System and a fiasco civilization – in 3 posts, the third

  “Until one single person on the whole Planet is being injustly abused, all the laws and the institutions that constitute it, are not degnified to exist,” Orazio Guglielmini.   If we go to the crux of the matter, and we should, the real authors of the disaster called “nonhuman history”, is not “Hitler”, but

Our political world is hitlerian

Israelis (surely not all) are certainly very pleased, rather I would say that they are very happy of the massacre and the total destruction of Gaza (after the battle of Warsaw in 1939, the polish city wasn’t a heap of rubble as it is today the Palestinian town). Not even Hitler could have done better

Putin, the new Czar of Russia

Indeed, and if Putin wants to reassemble the old Russia? All normal for a man like him: ambitious, reckless, decided, unconscious, challenging. Who challenges? America first of all. Here’s how it works the whole thing in his head: I, Vladimir Putin, Russian, basically a nothing and nothing I have to lose in all of this