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To die as a Christian is to die against nature *

  If the Christian religion were true, I would be the first to embrace it. It is not. It is false. It is unnatural and anti-human. God doesn’t exist, and all believers and non-believers know it. Christ is fiction, like Don Quixote and Madame Bovary. The Madonna is a ridiculous invention.

Pope Francis’ peace doves

One of the dove of peace launched by Papa Francesco from his window of the Vatican was immediately attacked first by a Raven and then mauled by a Seagull. Horrible image. No chance for the bird (see the video on the Web). All this cruel show in front of the eyes of the Pope and

The Cristocatto Church

It’s a very simple argument really for anyone  who wants to understand. It is obvious that if God is dead ( see  last Sunday’s blog post: “God is dead”), if God does not exist and has never existed, then God is a lie. Perhaps it didn’t seem to be a lie to our ancestors at

God is dead

Is that what Nietzsche says? Yes, that’s what Nietzsche , the German philosopher, says. In his opinion God is dead, and in your opinion? I see it differently. In what way? To begin with, in order to die you have to be born first, and this functions for God, man and any other species, plant,

The Wonderland at a glance

Leonardo da Vinci has taught us that we cannot love anything until we understand it. “Nothing,” he says, “can be loved or despised without first having knowledge of it. Love grows from a great knowledge of the object of desire, and if one has only a little knowledge, then one can only love a little,

The Manifesto of Horace Guglielmini

The manifesto of Orazio Guglielmini can easily be deduced from Guglielmini’s “Testament”, thus very briefly: As long as there exists even one politician or one priest on earth, mankind will not find peace. The  political-existential testament of Guglielmini is sealed in four books: “The Divine Indifference” “The Predator State” “Has Life Meaning?” “The Wonderland” The