Mfrancis-sgambelluri-300x262r Sgambelluri was born in 1942 in a hamlet in Calabria, Italy. He’s the fourth child of a farm-hand family. When he was two years old a man, without any reason, killed his father while working in a field with a blow of axe in the head. When he was six his uncle, lo zio Carlo, while they were sitting near the fireplace, said something that influenced him deeply. From then on started his real battle: first battling to go away from the place where he was born, second to leave his country, third to stay alive and fourth trying to give himself an education. He managed to give himself not only an education, but also to travel in many countries and to learn different languages. In the Seventies, in Melbourne, Australia, he opened a school of languages successfully.

He published in Italy 3 collections of short-stories and 4 novels, two of which were translated into Greek. Some of his short-stories were put into films. His last work is “Orazio Guglielmini’s will”. He currently lives in a little town in northern Italy, Biella, where he continues to teach languages, to write and lectures on the “art of living” at the Folk University of Biella. He considers himself a free thinker.