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My science, My philosophy

    The so-called science – quantum physics, entanglement, mathematics, spacetime – for what concerns the base and the meaning of the universe, cannot help us. It is only a mental artifice, an Everest of artificial symbols and thoughts… Our interest, in this field, is associated with “the most reliable facts”. The lack of these is

The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice (2)

    Love, passion, knowledge and hard work I would like to say, in a synthetic way, that I didn’t arrive to this cosmic knowledge by chance, by taking measurements, or by experiments, or looking under a microscope or through a telescope, I arrived to it with love, passion, will to know the real truth

The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice

  The universe is supported by four fundamental pillars. Here they are: 1         nothingness of nothingness 2         the proto-element 3         space 4         time Let’s look at them one by one.   The first: nothingness of nothingness Why we define it as “nothingness of nothingness”? Because in “nothing”, as it is seen by science, there are

Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of Papier-mâché (5) (6) (7) (8)

  5 The existence of a phenomenon, be it small or big, is relative to its physical composition. There are phenomena whose existence lasts a moment – a neutron and an antineutron that collide at birth, for example – and others that last billions of years. Their atomic composition and structure decide the duration of