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I identify myself, if I’m really forced to do so, with that which passes. I identify with the clouds crossing the sky, with the seasons which go, but don’t come, with the birds which fly through the air but leave no trace, with the wild flowers which open up in the fields and in sympathy

Ever since I was a boy, and I can’t say why, I have never felt the need of the supernatural, nor of anything associated with the transcendental. Now, as then, at every moment of my existence, I immerse myself in the infinite wealth of the natural world embracing me, and I embrace it in turn

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Not my dogmas, my dear Rossi, which I don’t think are dogmas, but my belief. It’s that simple. I have always nurtured my belief with concrete matters. This total and heartfelt embrace with the universe of phenomena has shaped my belief, my vision of things and of the world, and lastly my imperatives and my

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When we want to get the heart of things, my dear Rossi, we realise that all of us, some more, some less, are groping in the depths of darkness. When we think, when we speak of metaphysics, of things which go further than the physical, phenomenal, when we exceed certain limits of our cognitive horizons,