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The reality of believing is that it is impossible to believe

“Whoever is scared of reality shouldn’t read me. I am reality.”       Orazio Guglielmini Six concepts which demonstrate the lack of foundation in matters of religious belief. What are they? The first is “ignorant”, the second is “egoistic”, the third is “prudent (knowing)”, the fourth is “absolute”, the fifth is “the will to believe”

For a phenomenology and an ontology of divine emptiness – 6 post, the second

  I admit, talking about religion, I feel like throwing up, but I have no choice and I say no more: who wants to understand understand. Who is God? Nobody. It is pure fiction, metaphysical intuition, a fried empty concept. In other words, simple fried air. Fried air distinguishes itself from natural air. In the

For a phenomenology and an ontology of divine emptiness – 6 post, the first

  For “phenomenology” I mean the natural phenomena as they appear in their environment and not as men (Hegel, etc.) see them; for “ontology” I mean the “thing in itself” kantian, that is the concept of man. Starting from these two premises, here are some proofs on the non-existence of God.   1)        Nothingness denies


If you’re afraid of truth, please do not read this post.   Do you believe in God? If yes, then you’re a nut, an imbecile, an ignorant, eveything except an intelligent human being. Clear? God is equal to ignorance, therefore, God is equal to poverty, poverty is equal to exploitation, exploitation is equal to misery,

Abraham, Isaac, God and the Palestinians and the Israelis

Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son in order to show his obedience to Jahvè. Therefore, we may say that that the wolf loses his fur but not his habits. What I want to say is: what if the 3 Israeli teenagers had not been killed intentionally by Palestinians nationalists? What if the 3

The resurrection

Today, April 20, 2014, is the celebration of the resurrection of a fictional creature, Jesus Christ, a creature that never existed, nor ever resurrected, he is only a product of our imagination. If humanity needs this fantastic nonsense to give a meaning to life and to survive, then it is already dead. Today I celebrate

Stephen Hawking and the proof that God doesn’t exist

“One can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, but science makes God unnecessary,” says Stephen Hawking in “The Grand Design”. Well, are things really as Hawking sees them? Are we sure? Perhaps, not for me, however. At all. “I’m sorry, Stephen, but I don’t agree with you. I can demonstrate to you and to anyone else

What is Concordat?

Have you ever wondered, Rossi, Guglielmini asks, have you ever wondered what is the Concordat? Doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you. It is the agreement between two powers, institutions, ideologies, i.e. exchange of favours, i.e. “I Church help you State and you State help me Church; i.e. “I Church help you State nazifascist and you State

God: a deadly invention

God is not salvation Religion is not salvation God and religion are not salvation God and religion are slavery Slavery of the mind and slavery of the body   God is not love God is not understanding God is misery God is bloodshed God is misery and bloodshed   God is not a dream God

Am I a believer, atheist or physicalist?

Firstly, we must ask ourselves, ignoring for a moment the question of believer or atheist, what is physicalism and what does it mean to be a physicalist. It actually means many things, and in my case, at least four. The first instance, and the one which revolutionised my existence, I owe to my Uncle Carlo.

Benedict XVI debuts on Twitter

Great! Pope Ratzigner on Internet! A day to remember! In short, this event is another insult, first to Italy, then to Europe and then to the whole world, and this regardless of the fact that everybody has the right to freedom of speech, and the pope too, of course. It’s unbelievable that today, today in

The most disastrous invention in the world

When mankind will discover that his greatest catastrophe was the invention of God; When he discovers that his deputies, the priests, are his worst enemies; When he discovers that his lack of progress in science and in love is due to “them”, the priests; When he discovers this, if ever he will discover this, then

The Cristocatto Church

It’s a very simple argument really for anyone  who wants to understand. It is obvious that if God is dead ( see  last Sunday’s blog post: “God is dead”), if God does not exist and has never existed, then God is a lie. Perhaps it didn’t seem to be a lie to our ancestors at

God is dead

Is that what Nietzsche says? Yes, that’s what Nietzsche , the German philosopher, says. In his opinion God is dead, and in your opinion? I see it differently. In what way? To begin with, in order to die you have to be born first, and this functions for God, man and any other species, plant,

Religion, science and the hurricane Sandy

Take, as an example, what is happening these days in America, take hurricane Sandy. To recognize his formation, his destructive violence, fury and try to see and avoid the negative consequences on the population was science, meteorological science. And so, thanks to it, if the dead, instead of being many, possibly millions, are reduced to

Do you have another definition?

What does it mean, exactly, to be a cardinal? Simple, in my opinion. It means to have the licence to tell lies, to cheat people as you wish, to sell opium without going in jail and to eat and live luxuriously without working. Not bad, don’t you think?